My Dearest Rani a today’s love story – by Aniket Dey Youth Advisor (NDAB) at PM office

(NewswireOnline):- After the proud success of Aniket Dey’s Three Tales, BlueRose, a publishing house from New Delhi, is set to release a debut novel, “My Dearest Rani,” in August 2020.

Aniket Dey, a visionary and compassionate writer, shares a real-life story with his    fans through “My Dearest Rani”, where he brings out both happy and sad sides of his love story. This book is a masterpiece and a perfect fusion of romance and painful love of the old school couple who lived together and set it to take readers on an emotional coaster ride.

The novel is beautifully crafted to capture the couple’s feelings, who enjoy sharing their love through writing in high school. It brings out emotions, goosebumps, and tears to the readers. Such is the art of Aniket Dey’s writing work.

Aniket works independently with Government of India and would often find himself reminiscence his old-school days. This was when he decided to draft his old-school love stories and proudly tell the world it through “My Dearest Rani.”

Sri Aniket Dey remarks that “Men are a unique creation of the nature, and one thing that we know about them, is that they are physically strong. However, they are not emotionally stronger and will never express emotions freely like the women. It is because the society never wants to see and accept a man cry or express their emotional front!! This makes men, a kid at heart and innocent, even if doesn’t seem like.”

Aniket Dey is an IT-Professional residing in New Delhi and was selected as the Youth Advisor for National Security Council (NSC) of the Prime Minister’s Office. This  shows Aniket’s brilliancy in connecting with India’s Government for different departmental works during the on-going pandemic. Aniket has been excellently managing national and international charitable foundations by being a social activist and extending his kind hand for help at any given point of time.

By being a PMO youth advisor, Aniket Dey has been continuously working for the welfare of the Indian community by providing free meals, listening to grievances, and solving them with his strong analytical skills. He is a great writer and a contributor

that Indian society needs the most during the rough times of 2020. Despite being an IT professional, writer, and social activist, he manages his hectic schedule for others’ welfare and never grumbles! This shows the strong character suit of Aniket, and we all can depict his high EQ and how well he must have drafted the love story in his upcoming book.

We are sure about the writer’s fantastic job at expressing his old-school love story, and we never know if it may reunite some of you with your lost school love, who continue to exist in your memories, if not in life!

What will astonish you is that the writer has written this soul-stirring love story to raise funds for the development and betterment of NorthEastern People in New Delhi. This generous contribution will be made by thousands of Indian, and we hope many famed authors, start this campaign to support the development of India

Stay Tuned for the Release in Upcoming August. Best wishes and endeavors to Sri Aniket Dey.

We will be contributing as much as we can for the welfare of society.