Marvel’s Ultimate X-Men Trailer Teases the Origin Story of Young X-Man Armor

Marvel's Ultimate X-Men Trailer Teases the Origin Story of Young X-Man Armor

Marvel enthusiasts are in for a treat as Peach Momoko and Marvel Entertainment join forces to bring back the young X-Man, Hisako Ichiki, in their upcoming animated series, Ultimate X-Men. This fresh take on the superhero team’s journey seamlessly blends Japanese folklore and urban legends, promising an exciting narrative for fans.

Recently unveiled, a captivating one-minute and 35-second comic book panel trailer introduces viewers to Hisako, also known as Armor—a Japanese teenage mutant navigating her darkest fears while discovering her extraordinary powers. Debuting in the superhero universe in the 2009 series Astonishing X-Men, Armor stands as one of the pioneers of a new generation of X-Men.

The trailer unveils Armor receiving a totem-like item, which, instead of providing protection, unleashes a torrent of chaos, suggesting a mystical twist to the traditional X-Men lore. This unique approach aims to present the beloved superheroes in a completely fresh light.

Crafted with the artistic prowess of globally acclaimed creator Peach Momoko, the trailer also offers a sneak peek at Maystorm, inspired by the iconic X-Men character Storm, hinting at her imminent appearance in the upcoming series. As the third installment in Marvel’s Ultimate series, following Hickman and Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Invasion, the show promises a modern perspective on Marvel characters and their enthralling stories.

Peach Momoko, sharing insights into her involvement in the project, expressed initial concerns about taking on such a significant endeavor. However, as she delved into the creation of Ultimate X-Men, her confidence in delivering a distinctive vision for the series grew. Momoko explained, “Ultimate X-Men isn’t directly influenced by classic X-Men stories. I like to believe C.B. [Cebulski] and Jonathan Hickman chose me because they wanted something completely new and different.”

Derived from Marvel’s 2021 release, Children of the Atom series, a reimagination of the superhero saga, Ultimate X-Men is set to premiere on March 6, promising an exhilarating journey into the origins of Armor and the reimagined Marvel universe.