Maple Ideas positions premium stainless-steel kitchenware as flagship product line for modern Indian Households

Maple’s recently launched premium ecommerce store for kitchenware and gift sets ( features their complete range of stainless steel products as a key product line.

The stainless steel kitchenware products combine the rugged build required for Indian cooking alongside contemporary design features and elegance that modern and well-informed households prefer.

Maple’s stainless steel range, under the Buckingham series, is ideal for cooking and serving; an optimum balance of functionality and aesthetics. The products include steamer pots, deep sauce pans, fry pans, kadais, handis, multi-purpose pans, and cook-and-serve sets.

This enviable range of stainless steel is further complimented by Maple’s other product ranges spanning non-stick cookware, thermoware, pressure cookers, electrical appliances, and gift sets.

The stainless steel products make for fascinating gift set combos to suit any occasion. Maple’s stainless steel collection has, over the years, gained the reputation of being solidly built with thick gauge premium quality raw materials to ensure long life, high performance and durability.

They feature gloss exteriors and satin finish interiors for a contemporary aesthetic. All kitchenware products are suited for gas, halogen and induction cooking, while also being dishwasher friendly. They come with Bakelite firm grip non-heat handles and glass lids for maximum safety, and ergonomic design for practical convenience.

In the words of Vijay Bhaskar, AVP Operations, “Maple’s stainless steel products under the Buckingham range are designed to respect the timeless traditional cooking methods while also catering to the rapidly morphing tastes and expectations of new age households.”

Products are now available at with free pan India shipping on all orders.

About Maple Ideas:

Maple Ideas is an e-commerce store launched by Group Welkin. For close to fifty years, Group Welkin has been adding value to clients across every conceivable industry. They have become a corporate gifting staple for hundreds of discerning organizations, who count on them as their one-stop solution provider.

Over the past fifteen years, its flagship brand, Maple, has touched the lives of over two million homes and families, with its boutique Kitchenware and Household appliances. is the new e-commerce extension of the brand to deliver premium kitchenware products to doorsteps across India.

The new range is available for purchase on the brand’s website, where customers can take advantage of the company’s convenient and easy-to-use online shopping platform.

For more information on Maple Ideas and its new range of Kitchenware and gifting products, please visit the company’s website at