The lost arts of the spirit world

Mohnish Malhotra

Before the rise of technology and science advancement, mankind had a different connection and communion with the earth. Free movement of animals was allowed, and state nation rule and borders did not have as much control as we witness in the modern age. Our ancestors practiced earth worship and nature and trees were referred to in times when healing and curing a sickness was required. This also involved working with the spirit world closely.

Many old cultures like Africa, Brazil, Asia and our own country India still demonstrate spirit worship in our day-to-day lives. In fact, we observe the pitrapaksha every year where we make offerings in the name of our deceased loved ones and follow the age-old rituals to ensure transition and safe passage of the souls to the spirit world. We all know this; we all do when it is required but no one really talks about the spirit world out of the context of death and passage rites and rituals. We often refer to Brahmins and priests to take care of that aspect and this has occurred for thousands of years.

I personally have been very curious about the spirit world as a child but was convinced that I could not follow that education or practice since I was not from a family of priests. I had an inclination that I use to feel, hear and see things that other people didn’t and as years go on I was convinced that I was mentally ill, or that’s what everyone told me. It had come to the point that I even considered killing myself. Who do you talk to about things like this without twisting into an influence of dark magic and purely looking it from a space of the awareness one has? One day by chance, I stumbled upon something called Access Consciousness and Talk To The Entities course that is offered by Shannon O’hara.

This has been the tipping point in my life that has allowed me to learn some simple questions and tools to explore and communicate with the mysterious and otherwise kept secret world of Spirits. This is not something we are taught popularly in a pragmatic way and many people are apprehensive about what they perceive without thinking they are going crazy. Infection and bacteria were almost lethal before the discovery of penicillin. Is it possible that once can explore and learn about the spirit world with some simple tools that enquire the nature of our own awareness? I say, yes. My name is Mohnish Malhotra, and I am a licensed facilitator of this amazing course that is available worldwide and every language through translation. If you are interested or know of someone looking for this, you can reach out to me on

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