Mangal Prabhat Lodha gifts AI-generated credible CVs to the youth of Maharashtra this Diwali

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: In a move to enhance employment prospects for the youth of Maharashtra, the Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Mangal Prabhat Lodha has partnered with Sapio Analytics to revolutionise the recruitment process using artificial intelligence. Under his leadership, the government has already organised over 280 job fairs, with a commitment to a consistent schedule in the future.

The primary concern voiced by employers at these job fairs has been the quality of candidates’ resumes. Many CVs do not meet the desired standards, resulting in a significant number of rejections. Many candidates seeking an entry-level job don’t have a credible resume. To address this bottleneck in the employment process, Minister Lodha has announced a remarkable Diwali gift for the youth of Maharashtra: the creation of more than 100,000 meticulously crafted resumes with credibility, generated through Artificially Intelligent Bot in minutes. These CVs will utilise candidates’ data and do additional evaluation based on basic candidate profiling, with the generation of references and expected jobs for the candidates.

Mangal Prabhat Lodha expressed his commitment to the economic development of Maharashtra, stating, “In our endeavour to provide meaningful employment opportunities, we identified a critical gap in the form of inadequately prepared CVs. By gifting 100,000 AI-generated resumes to the youth of Maharashtra this Diwali, we aim to bridge this gap and significantly enhance their chances of securing gainful employment.”

One of the employers actively participating in these job fairs, SecureDebt, voiced their excitement with this move. Gagan Kumar, founder of SecureDebt stated, “As employers actively seek talented individuals to join our workforce, we understand the importance of a credible CV that shows the right pulse of the youth. Many candidates don’t have CVs and hence we are not able to recruit them. This initiative to provide AI-generated CVs is a game-changer that will undoubtedly streamline the recruitment process and benefit both employers and job seekers.”

Youth can say Hi to +91 86558 26684 or click on this link: and initiate the CV generation. The CV generation process is the first step in the journey of the jobseeker, as based on the CV, the right job opportunities and additional skilling opportunities shall also be recommended to the jobseeker, using AI.

This initiative aligns with the larger vision of the Maharashtra government to empower its youth, reduce unemployment rates, and contribute to the overall economic growth of the state.