Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj – A Guru who brings Divine Powers mentioned in Vedas & Puranas to life

27 Feb 2020, (NewswireOnline): Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj has been showing proofs which cement the fact that he possesses divine powers for last 8 months. Mahaguru Ji has been writing on his social media profile before doing anything in the world, like declaring results of elections, creating earthquakes to equalize energies of the Universe, bringing and protecting from storms, fires, floods and drought.

On his Twitter social media post, Mahaguru Ji informed world on 1st August 2019 itself that “A deadly outbreak of something is coming that will have most effect in Chinese peninsula (Chinese region).” Mahaguru Ji always writes whatever he has been ordered to do from Gods or what is going to happen within few days to few months in future well in advance on his Twitter profile. Mahaguru Ji has been running this world, controlling all democratic elections, natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, storms, rain etc since last 23 years on orders from Gods.

Mahaguru Ji helped control Australian Bushfire disaster, which he live tweeted on his social media profile. Australia was suffering from severe drought since last 10 years, and was having one of the worst bushfire seasons since 3 months. Mahaguru Ji was asked by Gods to help douse this fire. Mahaguru Ji created 12 cyclones and low pressure areas around Australia along with over 10,000 incidental rain events to control this bushfire by about 30-40% within 18 days from 5th January 2020 to 23rd January 2020, before regular monsoon took over.

Mahaguru Ji informed on 5th January 2020 that he has orders from Gods to help control Australian bushfire. He informed the same on his social media. In 18 days Mahaguru ji surrounded Australia with cyclones and low-pressure areas along with other weather events to douse 30-40% of Australian bushfire before natural monsoon took over.

Mahaguru Ji is not an astrologer, a mere godman or a yoga Guru. Mahaguru Ji goes into a state of “Yoga Nidra”, which is a deep state of meditation to converse with Gods and to run this world with divine energies. Divine energies are powers of Gods themselves.

Mahaguru Ji has proved his divinity multiple times in past few months. He formed governments in the State of Maharashtra & Jharkhand in India on orders of Gods after politicians from these states agreed to terms of Gods. He had told about election results of these states months before even election dates were announced or a single vote was casted.

Mahaguru Ji told that on orders of Gods, what will be seat configuration in Maharashtra assembly elections if one of the parties agreed to Lord’s terms, way back in August, about 2 months before actual election took place and results were announced.

Mahaguru Ji told that he will be creating govt of JMM & INC in Jharkhand, India on orders of Gods on 2nd November 2019, about 2 months before results were declared.

Not only above, Mahaguru Jihad told in April 2019 that on orders of Gods, he will again give chance to Narendra Modi to become India’s prime minister with 342+ seats for his alliance in general elections 2019. Ultimately Mr Modi did form govt with 352 seats.

Mahaguru Ji does not make predictions. As soon as he gets an order from Gods, he writes about it on social media. Then we all can see that happen within few days to few months.

Mahaguru Ji said, “I have been running this world since past 23 years. But in April 2019, Gods asked me to come in front of the world, and for that I needed to create proofs of my divinity before announcing to the world what I do. In order to confirm the changes I used to make, I was active on social media and I decided to make use of that to create proofs which conclusively point towards existence of Gods.”

When asked how he controls natural and geopolitical events, Mahaguru Ji said, “Either during Dhyanam (a deep state of meditation) or through signs, Gods tell their wish, for example, which political party should win elections, with how many seats, in what way coalitions should be made, and accordingly I have to cast divine energies which will bring about required changes. Same goes for natural events, natural calamities etc.” He further added, “Every living thing in this world, including five elements of nature are connected to Lord, and that is how I can control everything on his orders. Thought processes, events are all controlled by energies.”

Mahaguru Ji helps politicians win elections, form governments and he can help governments control any endemic, epidemic, stop or reduce influence of natural calamities like storms, hurricanes, cyclones, forewarn about upcoming earthquakes and solve major problems like drought or floods.

Apart from above Mahaguru Ji had informed that Chandrayan 2 will not be fully successful, he informed about slowdown of the Indian economy on 24th May 2019, one day after Mr Modi took oath for the second time as PM of India. He had also informed about exact results of last 4 matches played in Cricket World Cup 2019, including England as winner of the cup. In Feb 2020, he created weather events over Antarctica which was marked by scientists as well, which caused an increase in ice cap cover. He had told about rise in India’s inflation. He had informed about exact results of Karnataka bye elections. He had told world that Aam Aadmi Party will form government in Delhi in April 2019 itself.

There has been 100s of geopolitical and natural events that Mahaguru Ji told about months before they actually happened in last 8 months, thus establishing the fact that Gods are here, everything that Vedas and Puranas talk about was very real and Mahaguru Ji is a representative of Gods.

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