Madras Sanskrit College unveils new Digital Campus Identity and its Digital Campus Site amidst prestigious Sanskrit conference

The Madras Sanskrit College, an esteemed institution renowned for its rich heritage and dedication to Sanskrit education spanning over 117 years, proudly announced the unveiling of the new identity for its Digital Campus in the city today. This auspicious event coincided with the revealing of the new Microsite of the Digital Campus of the College – marking a significant advancement in leveraging technology to disseminate Sanskrit knowledge.

The unveiling ceremony took place amidst the backdrop of a prestigious Sanskrit Conference titled “Sanskrit and Beyond,” where luminaries from various fields converged to explore the multifaceted impact of this ancient language. The conference delved into the intersection of Sanskrit and technology, with discussions on robotics, AI, and the future trajectory of Sanskrit in modern society. Additionally, Krishnan Venkatraman spoke on using Dharmashastra in today’s world – providing insights into its relevance as a framework for law. The list of speakers included D K Hari who spoke on Communication of Science in Sanskrit, Sampadananda Mishra who spoke on Digital Sanskrit – Preservation, Analysis, and Utilization of Sanskrit Texts in the Age of Technology.

The college firmly believes that Sanskrit is essential to modern knowledge society. Rooted in traditional methodologies, the college imparts education through intensive study, upholding the highest standards in classical works and sastras. The unveiling of the new identity and the launch of the Madras Sanskrit College Alumni Site marks a significant milestone in the college’s journey towards global leadership in imparting authentic knowledge of the Sanskrit language. The structured and systematic Learning Path at The Madras Sanskrit College makes the journey of learning Sanskrit, smooth and enjoyable

Held at the MMA auditorium on Mount Road, the conference was a landmark event in the annals of Sanskrit scholarship, with over 250 esteemed guests, including management, trustees, faculty members, alumni, students, industrialists, opinion builders, and media representatives. The college has produced several eminent scholars and educators and many alumni occupy high positions in institutions of higher learning in India and abroad.

The Madras Sanskrit College’s Digital Campus, established in 2017, has witnessed remarkable growth, boasting a student base of over 10,000 individuals. With the widespread adoption of digital learning platforms, the college felt the need to revitalize and expand the Digital Campus, beginning with the creation of a new logo and an enhanced vision and mission. The new logo and the vision and mission for the Digital Campus was revealed today at the Sanskrit conference. The purpose of the Digital campus is to share the glory of this great language with the world and reach out to aspiring students. The Digital Campus offers several courses while charting a learning path for students. Today, we have a large community of students who are able to come together, share and learn.

Ramesh Mahalingam, spokesperson for the Madras Sanskrit College, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “Our new identity symbolizes our commitment to embracing technology while preserving the rich heritage of Sanskrit. Through our digital initiatives, we aim to make Sanskrit education accessible to all, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. At Madras Sanskrit College, we are not just teaching a language; we are unlocking the doors to a wisdom that transcends time and borders. With our heritage and rich legacy, we believe in imparting education based on the traditional methods of intensive study – delivered to the highest standards in the classical works and sastras. We are uncompromising on our traditional methods and values. In doing so we are continuously evolving the way we work and deliver on our education, based on our traditional methodologies, to an ever changing world.”

At Madras Sanskrit College, the curriculum is well researched, structured and is based on authentic learning methodologies, delivered by top notch faculty. The College has built a strong reputation over a hundred years of having produced some of best scholars in Sanskrit. The Sanskrit Conference was also attended by students and teachers of Classes 10 and 11 from prestigious schools of Chennai.

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