“I Started Out Early and That Gave Me an Advantage” – 18-Year-Old Web Developer and Entrepreneur Kaushal Singh Shekhawat

(NewswireOnline):- Pilani, a small city in the state of Rajasthan, has been primarily known for its educational institutions. Now, a lot of people know of it as the hometown of eighteen-year-old entrepreneur and web developer Kaushal Singh Shekhawat. At an age, where most teenagers spend a large chunk of time watching videos on YouTube or reels on Instagram, Kaushal has managed to harness the power of the internet in the most productive manner and has become a bona fide entrepreneur.

Kaushal is the founder of Bizee Media Agency, a web development company that has grown significantly in a very short span of time. The company works towards helping business organizations promote themselves online effectively using the right digital marketing tools. Apart from social media marketing, the company helps businesses in solidifying their brand and expanding their online footprint. The official website of the digital agency is www.bizeemedia.com.

Talking about tasting massive success at an early age, the young entrepreneur says, “I started early and that gave me an advantage. A lot of people say that you must learn a few things, acquire certain skills, and then, start your journey as an entrepreneur. However, I believe the process of learning never really stops and one can pick up a lot of important professional skills while working. Instead of waiting for the right time, you should create your own “right time” by starting out early. Being a late bloomer in any industry has never helped anybody.”

Back in the day, most individuals in India were given a handful of career choices to choose from. However, times have changed and a wide variety of professional courses are available for youngsters. In such a scenario, people also tend to get a little confused and often end up switching careers at some point in their lives. Focus and determination, according to Shekhawat, are the two key principles to achieving success in any field.

Elaborating on the same, he says, “A lot of people ask me as to how do I have so much clarity about my professional goals at such an early age. There was a time when I was quite confused about what I would do in life. I decided to do a thorough analysis of my strengths, weaknesses, interests, and passion. I realized I was deeply interested in the digital marketing space. Even when I was in school, I would spend hours doing research on the changing digital marketing trends and how it is shaping up businesses. Web development was also something I was extremely passionate about. I decided to take my passion forward and make a career out of it.”

A large number of young individuals in India dream of having their own start-up company. While there is no dearth of unique ideas, a lot of people fail to execute their plans properly. Because of this, the number of failures often outweighs the success stories one hears about. In such times, the kind of success Kaushal has seen at such a young age is not only inspiring but should also serve as a case study for many young individuals who wish to chase their dreams.

“The internet has opened up a world full of opportunities. Today, everybody has a smartphone or a laptop with internet connectivity. It all depends on whether we can use it as a tool to further our professional growth or not. I became an entrepreneur because of the internet. Even if you are not planning to set up a business, you can use the internet to learn a new skill or enhance your knowledge about a particular field. So many renowned professional photographers today are a product of YouTube learning. People have become musicians by taking professional training from an online academy. The internet can be your best friend and a reliable mentor today”, he says.

With his innovative ideas and brave endeavours, Kaushal has turned Bizee Media Agency into one of the leading web development and digital marketing agencies in the country. Apart from India-based businesses, his company is catering to several foreign clients as well. While he continues to explore newer possibilities in the digital marketing space, he is planning to venture into several other areas as well.