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(NewswireOnline):- 19th January, Mumbai: Marriage is one of the most important decisions in one’s life. The decision that will affect the rest of someone’s life. Usually, it is done with extreme care and attention. Every step of the way is checked and double-checked. Multiple ceremonies need to be planned and executed for the wedding.

But the most important step of this union is the selection of the partner. The right partner can make a lot of difference. So, the selection of the partner must be done carefully. Lagna Tharle can help with this selection. It is an exclusive matrimony site for the Marathi community only.

It includes users from every Marathi caste in Maharashtra. From 96 Kuli Maratha to Vanjari, one can find potential partners in every caste. There is no restriction on who can register on this platform. Everyone can find a partner in their caste or a preferred caste.

There is almost zero chance for any fake profiles or incorrect information since all the profiles created on this platform are verified. The users need to provide identification proof for their profile such as Aadhar card or PAN card. This makes sure that every user is only viewing legitimate profiles that have been created by a real candidate.

Lagna Tharle emphasizes the quality of customer services and provides full assistance to a user who is new or requires help. After registration, the user is also assigned a free relationship manager who can guide them through the process and the setting up of the profile. The profile picture and information on the profile can be changed at any time. It is a smooth experience for the user to operate their profile and access the information of the people they are interested in.

The user interface has also been updated regularly. There is a customized searching facility that the user can apply. One can apply filters on the type of partner they want for themselves. Since there are so many profiles on the platform, the customized search significantly reduces the number of potential candidates.

There are people from the city and the rural area as well. The education level is also one of the filters that one can apply. From higher education to lower education, people with all qualifications are on Lagna Tharle.

Lagna Tharle is providing all these amenities at an extremely reasonable price. Compared to the other matrimony sites, the user is getting more benefits out of the membership at a small cost. Users are also eligible for gift vouchers worth Rs. 1 lakh when they purchase a yearly membership on the platform.

The founder of Lagna Tharle also commented on the platform guidelines, “This platform has been a long-term project of mine. I had always wanted to create a secure space for the Marathi community that can connect two people in matrimony. Every individual deserves to find a partner that can understand and support them.” The intention of the founder can be seen in the user base for the website. Along with single people, divorced individuals are also finding love and happiness on the platform.

Membership Benefits:

1) Membership Validity – 360 Days

2) Customer service on Priority Basis

3) Free Customer Relationship Manager.

3) 450 Biodata Allowed yearly – Rs.4.00 per Biodata

4) Photo Gallery – 2 Photos

5) Customized Search Option

6) Update Profile Pic and general information anytime


1) Aadhar Card, Pan card verified Profiles

2) Affordable packages compare to other Matrimony Websites

3) More benefits in less amount

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