(Newswire Online) [BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, August 2019] – What started as a philanthropic initiative has grown to be one of the fastest-growing gifting startups in India. The idea was to provide employment to lakhs of underprivileged rural women and craftsmen throughout India, by creating high-quality handmade gifts for ceremonies and festivals. The natural fibre and Indian crafts market was largely uncaptured to. Seeing an opportunity in this space, Kottanz was initiated. Having previous experience operating in this space, the Founder, Mithra, was uniquely positioned to lead Kottanz to its objectives.
“We design unique products and swadeshi hampers with urban sensibilities from locally sourced natural fibres like palm leaves and river grass. Our aim is to keep the Indian crafts and Gifts options at the helms across the Globe”
– Mithra, Founder, Kottanz

Starting with 10 products made by 5 households. The firm has grown to provide livelihoods to more than 123 families throughout rural India. With 4 production units and more than 500 product variants. Catering to more than 100 customers on a daily basis. The product line has expanded to include various occasions like baby shower, corporate events, and marriages. All Kottanz products are available online and are able to provide a seamless delivery experience with the help of powerful backend processes. The company is also planning to boost up their offline presence by launching a flagship store in Bangalore.
Even with expanding operations and presence, Kottanz has remained true to its core objectives. They are the only Gifting company to have produced all of their products within India. Their main challenges are competing with cheaply produced goods from China, which are eroding Indian crafts and skills. They are on a mission to employ more than 1000 families by 2021 and increase the operations to 10 more cities in India, and to the US and UK.

About Kottanz
Kottanz is an honest, smart, hard-working group of self-motivated women who are working with the larger team of women in the network. They endeavor to provide the largest platform for swadeshi products through the contemporary prism of Indian craft and empower local craftsmen &crafts in pursuit of business. They cater to more than 2500 locations across India and 115 countries worldwide.