Introducing the Pinnacles of Educational Resources: Unveiling a Decade of Excellence with Previous Years’ Question Papers & Solutions

New Delhi – We are pleased to announce the launch of our highly anticipated study material, meticulously crafted to empower students with the essential tools they need to achieve academic success. Our revolutionary offering, features an extensive compilation of Previous Years Question Papers from the last 10 years (2014-2023). ‘Together with’ CBSE Previous Years’ Question Banks are meticulously curated accompanied by comprehensive solutions to provide an unparalleled learning experience.

Success in academics hinges not only on subject knowledge but also on mastering the patterns and nuances of past examinations. Recognizing the paramount significance of exam preparation, we have dedicated extensive efforts to assemble a comprehensive collection of question papers from CBSE educational board examination spanning a decade in ‘Together with’ CBSE Previous Years’ Question Banks for Class 10 & 12 with Solved Sample Papers.

Stay Benefitted with the best ever practice material for 2024 Board exam preparation, as it offers:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Our repository comprises an array of question papers for diverse subjects, ensuring that students can practice various typologies of questions to be exam ready. There are higher chances of getting the repeated questions, so be prepared beforehand. Refer to the educators’ recommended best question bank to give hands on practice to the Previous Years Questions class 10 & 12.
  2. Detailed Solutions: Each question paper is accompanied by step-by-step, well-structured solutions, empowering students to grasp concepts thoroughly and foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Rachna Sagar has launched the Previous Year Question Bank with answers to provide explanation for each answer so that the students can know the reason of each wrong answer attempted.
  3. Real Exam Experience: By immersing themselves in the formats and question styles of CBSE previous years question papers, students gain the proficiency required to excel in forthcoming CBSE Board examinations 2024.A student appearing for the first time may
  4. Practice makes perfect: Recognizing the significance of practice and repetition, provides abundant opportunities to hone skills through years’ worth of previous years’ question of class 10 & 12. Multiple Choice and Case-based Questions, Self-evaluation Tests and pool of practice questions lay the stronger foundations for excellent results in CBSE Board Exams 2024.
  5. Adaptability: Designed to cater the educational needs of students across various educational boards and courses, our study material is an indispensable resource for learners pursuing diverse academic disciplines. To make the students fully informed we have included CBSE Board exam question paper 2023 (Main) as well as the compartment Question Paper to aid them in all possible ways.

Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. express extreme delight in introducing ‘Together with’ CBSE Previous 10 Years’ Solved Question Papers to students and educators. It is the most invaluable study material designed as per the latest CBSE syllabus. By integrating the invaluable insights garnered from previous years’ question papers, we aim to empower students with knowledge. This will enable them to appear for CBSE Board exams 2024 with utmost confidence to attain their academic aspirations.

‘Together with’ CBSE Previous Years’ Solved Question Papers 2023-24 is a well-structured practice material

  • Latest CBSE Sample Paper 2024
  • Latest Examination Paper, 2023 (Main and Compartment)
  • Chapterwise – Topicwise Solved Question Banks
  • Mind Maps
  • Self-Evaluation Tests
  • Case-based & Objective Type Questions
  • Solved Question Papers
  • QR Code to access CUET UG-2023 Examination Paper

We are providing the attractive offers to celebrate the launch of ‘Together with’ Previous 10 Years Solved Question Papers for Class 10 & 12. Our learners can avail big discount by placing the order on the official website of Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. Contact us on 011-43585858 for further queries.

About the Company

Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading educational publishers in the realm of published educational resources, devoted to transforming the learning journey of students and fostering academic excellence. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually innovate and create series of pioneering books for Pre-Nursery to Grade 12 that elevate the educational experience for students of all levels. Leading the acquisition effort for more than 1400+ titles, and forming revenue-producing alliances with over a dozen of the industry´s largest distributors, the company has created for itself a brand status and has a similar market profile in UAE, Doha, Kuwait, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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