International vacations are now made easy with Pickyourtrail


Tamilnadu, 8 August 2018 (Newswire Online) – Do you know on an average, an Indian refers 30-40 different websites before arriving at a rough plan for an international trip? Yes, planning an international trip from India can be really overwhelming. This is also one of the prime reasons, people reach out to travel companies. But with travel companies reusing same packaged tours over and over again, there is also a hesitation in reaching out to travel companies. Based out of Chennai, a travel-tech startup – Pickyourtrail has come in as a refreshing change. Their USP – customized international vacations.

Founded by the duo of Hari and Srinath, Pickyourtrail urges people to stop touring and start travelling. It was during their first Eurotrip in 2012, they came across one of the biggest pain points travellers face in general. Unlike Hari and Srinath’s flexible itinerary, they found the itineraries of other Indian travellers to be crammed with activities they didn’t want in the first place.

“Everyone has their own pace of exploring things. What works for one might not work for others”, says Hari.

While major travel companies just offering mass customized packages with longer turnaround times and almost zero travel support, Pickyourtrail offers tailor-made vacations based on the likings of a user. Enter the destination of your interest, your preferable duration, your favourite activities, and the platform immediately presents the user with an itinerary of his interest.

“Flight and hotel bookings are completely automated. No travel company has ever done that”, says Srinath.

The itinerary is further customizable to the finest of details to the fact that the flights, hotels, activities, and even the transfers can be changed to your liking. All of this is completely automated and you can plan your entire international vacation in under ten minutes! All thanks to a powerful algorithm.

Apart from planning your trip, the company also has 24*7 concierge service. They offer the travellers with a shadow travelling experience during their entire journey. Till now, Pickyourtrail has served over 6000+ travellers and is growing at 120% y-o-y. The travel company is also working on a travel app which is expected to launch this year.

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Divya Jain – 9790733699