Uranus Oil : India’s first tech based green energy startup that collects used cooking oil using EVs and helps in converting the oil into green fuel

NewswireOnline:- Uranus Oil is a renewable energy and waste management startup based in India. The startup remains in the news for having a well-executed tech-based waste management platform and efficient infrastructure to aggregate the waste used cooking oil generated from various outlets and sending them for producing biodiesel, which is a cleaner alternative for the conventional diesel derived from petroleum. Uranus Oil is an FSSAI RUCO authorized used cooking oil aggregator and has tie ups with many biodiesel plants across India. Primary Biodiesel partner of Uranus oil is Pan Oleo Energy Limited, which is a large-scale biodiesel manufacturer.

The startup has also been deploying several EV vehicles for their waste management operations, thus making them as the first firm in the Indian used cooking oil management domain to use EVs for their operations. Their operations are spread all across India with the primary operations spread across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Biodiesel is being made from Used Cooking Oil as well as other waste oils as well as fats.

Uranus Oil also aggregates other feedstocks like animal tallow, palm stearin, and palm oil mill effluent (POME) which can be used as primary feedstock in the production of biofuels.

Mr. Saravanan, Co-founder of Uranus Oil commented that “The whole world is facing a shortage of energy resources. In such a situation, substantial increase in renewable energy production can go a long way to satisfy the growing energy demand. Uranus Oil follows balanced eco-friendly rules. The wasted used cooking oil which used to be dumped in the drains is now getting a fair price for the restaurant owners. We are happy to inform you that a large number of people are joining us, and this Taking the campaign forward. The whole system of used cooking oil collection creates a virtuous cycle for the restaurant owners, restaurant customers, the biodiesel manufacturers as well as biodiesel consumers. The restaurant owners are getting paid to dispose of their waste oil, consumers of such restaurants are consuming healthy food made from cooking oil that has not been reused, biodiesel manufacturers are getting feedstock for their business and the consumers of biodiesel are getting a cleaner fuel for conventional diesel at a cheaper price.”

Uranus Oil was awarded the best emerging startup in renewable energy, by the Times group. The team is composed of a combination of renewable energy experts as well as youngsters. The company is on track to set up entrepreneurship alternatives for individuals across the country through the Uranus Entrepreneurship program. The company has also plan of expanding its scope into Plastic waste management as well as rubber waste management, apart from Used Oil Management.