India’s First Language and Speech Therapy mobile app “AVTAR”

(Newswire Online) AVTAR, Language and Speech Therapy Mobile App Downloads By Indian Parents

In pursuit of our mission where every child gets an opportunity to Listen, Learn and Communicate, Hear Me Speak Launches….

AVTAR (Auditory-Verbal Trainer and Resources) India’s first speech and language smart phone appis designed to guide and coach the families of young children with hearing loss.

It is based on the fundamental principles of Auditory-Verbal Therapy.

A family in the process of helping their child towards spoken language communication is always in need of additional support and information. The AVTAR app will guide and coach these families to ensure that their child is on track with respect to their speech and language development. This application is enriched with resource materials in both English and Hindi languages, small write-ups explaining each topic, Demo sessions via videos and monthly live sessions for subscribers.

These live sessions are web based interactive programme which is all set to revolutionise the way speech and language therapy is done.

These interactive programmes will help the subscribers by providing an additional resource to understand and know more about speech and language therapy from their home environment with just a click of a button. Monthly interactive sessions will be held to educate subscribers on various topics. Each session will be recorded, so if the subscriber misses the live session, he / she can still access the session from the session library from there smart phone.

The query section helps a subscriber to ask their question from the panel of professionals from different fields.

The app is available on both play store and app store. It’s a free download and the user can access all the resources free of cost.  Here is the download link