Indian Entrepreneur Develops novel one of a kind Radiative Cooling Headwear Cap. The product along with other consumer wearables opens possibility to a new billion dollar market

In the last several years, one has felt the summers getting hotter and drier every year. This is one of the direct effects of climate change and global warming. Across the world, one can clearly see the fingerprints of climate change and it is alarming, to say the least. While efforts are being made by government bodies, private agencies and individuals to reverse the effects of climate change, one has also been looking for ways or methods to protect oneself from the sweltering heat of the summer.

Rajiv Lunkad along with his brother Sanjog Lunkad both fourth generation entrepreneurs have been working across different industries and technologies and products that enable the world move towards adopting a sustainable lifestyle. While moving ahead in this direction, they have managed to put together a product which is now known as the first radiative cooling headwear cap to exist in the world.

Talking about the thought behind inventing this product, Rajiv says, “This summer was one of the hottest ever recorded in many places, leaving millions of people grappling with unbearable heat. As we anticipate a future of warmer summers fuelled by the climate crisis, we have to find ways to adapt to the changing environment. This cooling headwear cap, which is a first-of-its-kind product in this space, has been designed to make the summers a little more bearable for people.”

The duo have worked on several notable projects and lent their expertise to the development of technologies and products that have played an important role in introducing modern technologies One such being their innovation of fully illuminated traffic light project which has been implemented in the city of Mumbai and now being visibly replicated elsewhere in the country.

Elaborating further on the product, he states, “The cap has been made using radiative cooling material that will safeguard people from extreme heat when they are in an outdoor space. Apart from being made with sustainable material, the cap is energy-free and carbon neutral. The cap reflects maximum sunlight back through the atmospheric window into space creating a cooling effect on the inside. It can achieve a cooling of more than minus 5 degrees than the outside temperature.”

The product designed and developed by the duo entrepreneurs serves as yet another testimony to the fact that Entrepreneurs in India are
also filled with visionaries that can create the kind of products that would not only help the people in the country adhere to an environment-friendly and sustainable lifestyle but also enable the entire world to treat the environment more empathetically.

The team is gearing up to lauch the product commercially very soon in the
coming months.