Experience Cultural Tourism in Rural Bengal

(NewswireOnline):- With a view to knit together the intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of the Eastern Region and the tourism potential of West Bengal and its neighbouring States, India tourism Kolkata, the Regional Office (East) of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India takes great pleasure in announcing “Incredible India Weekend Getaways” – a unique milieu of relaxing yet enriching weekend experiences. “Incredible India Weekend Getaways” offer an opportunity to tourists to travel & witness the incredible Baul cult, the inimitable Chhau, the mellifluous Jhumur, the powerful yet captivating folk theatre, the mesmerizing Raibenshe dance form, the unique arts of Dokra, Patachitra, Shola craft & many other experiences of our culture, all wrapped up in a carefully curated weekend experience.

“Incredible India Weekend Getaways” is a perfect platform to carry forward the ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ Campaign of the Ministry of Tourism. In sync with the pledge of Dekho Apna Desh-to visit 15 destinations by 2022, “Incredible India Weekend Getaways” gives an opportunity for citizens to explore 19 destinations within West Bengal.

Weekend travel and work from vacation is one of the key ideas behind the “Incredible India Weekend Getaways” where a short weekend trip can transcend into an unforgettable experience where travellers would experience Heritage and Nature-based attractions, toy stories at the villages of Natungram, Bikna, Panchmura or Charida, try their hands at handicrafts with the artisans of rural Bengal at Pingla, Sabang etc. and witness a plethora of folk performances at Joydev Kenduli, Purulia, Sunderbans, Dooars and the Himalayas. The basket to choose from is extremely rich and varied.

“Incredible India Weekend Getaways” is also a unique opportunity for the travellers to explore the hitherto less travelled-to destinations such as Pingla, Jalangi, Charkol, Charida, Balarampur, Tepantar, Natungram, 12th Mile Village, Kafer Village and Bunkulung which are hidden gems of West Bengal. The IIWG event will certainly benefit the local artisans, villagers and tourism stakeholders and emerge as future tourist hotspots.

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The Event Schedule

South Bengal: 31st December 2020-3rd January 2021, 8th -10th January, 2021

North Bengal: Dooars and Himalayas: 15th January-24th January 2021

Paschim Medinipur

  • Patachitra village at Naya, Pingla – Dec 31, 2020 – Jan 3, 2021 (11 am – 7 pm):

Experience natural colour making and strokes of the scroll painters.

Cultural Performance: Pater Gaan

Trail: Patachitra village, Madur village at Sabang and heritage places around Jhargram.


  • Joydev Kenduli – Dec 31, 2020 – Jan 3, 2021 (11 am – 5 pm):

Experience soulful music of the Bauls.

Cultural Performance: Baul music

Trail: Music at different Baul Ashrams of Joydev, Nanoor Kantha Hub, Shola hub at Santiniketan, Deul temples around Joydev.

  • In and around Bolpur – Jan 8-10, 2021 (10 am – 5 pm):

Cultural experience around Bolpur.

Cultural performance: Raibenshe (11 am – 4 pm) and Baul (11 am – 7 pm)

Trail: Santiniketan, Nanoor Kantha Hub, Baul artist village at Santiniketan, Bibhutibhushan’s house at Labhpur, Shola Hub at Surul, Raibenshe village Charkol near Bolpur.


  • Chau mask makers village at Charida – Dec 31, 2020 – Jan 3, 2021:

Experience the tradition and learn about the different Chau masks used in the performance.

Cultural Performance (3 pm – 4 pm): Chau performances

Trail: Charida – Chau mask village, Ayodhya, Chau village at Balarampur, Garhpanchakot, Telkupi, Baranti and others. On way back one can visit the heritage around Bankura.

  • Chau village at Maldi, Balarampur – Jan 8-10, 2021:

Experience Chau – the masked dance of Purulia.

Cultural Performance (11 am – 12 noon) and (3 pm – 4 pm): Chau performances

Trail: Chau mask maker’s village at Charida, natural and fabricated heritage around Ayodhya, Garhpanchakot, Telkupi, Baranti and others.


  • Sundarban – Dec 31, 2020 – Jan 3, 2021

Experience nature and cultural tourism around Pakhiralay, Satjelia and Bali.

Cultural Performance (11 am – 5 pm): Bhatiyali, Bonbibir Pala and Jhumur

Trail: Different islands of Sundarban.


  • Dokra village at Bikna and Terracotta village at Panchmura – Jan 2 – 3, 2021 (11 am – 7 pm)

Experience Dokra, the lost wax metal casting technique at Bikna and iconic Terracotta village at Panchmura.

Cultural Performance: Jhumur song & dance and Baul (3-4 pm)

Trail: Dokra Hub, Terracotta Hub, Heritage tourism around Bishnupur, Sushunia and Mukutmanipur. . One can even visit the heritage sites of Purulia from Bankura.

Purba Bardhaman & Paschim Bardhaman

  • Wooden Doll village at Natungram – Jan 9 – 10, 2021 (11 am – 7 pm)

Experience wooden doll making and heritage tourism.

Cultural Performance: Raibenshe and Baul (3-4 pm)

Trail: Natungram, Heritage sites around Kalna, Katwa. Can visit Nabadwip from Kalna or can also visit Santiniketan.

  • Tepantar Theatre village – Jan 8 – 10, 2021

Experience theatre amidst nature.

Cultural Performance: Theatre Festival (6:30 pm onwards) and folk theatre performance (3:30 pm)

Trail: Santiniketan, Nanoor Kantha village, Joydev-Kenduli, Natungram wooden doll village, Shola hub at Surul.


  • In and around Murshidabad – Jan 8 – 10, 2021

Cultural experience around Murshidabad

Cultural Performance (11 am – 5 pm): Baul/ Fakiri music and Raibenshe.

Trail: Heritage trails of Murshidabad covering Azimganj, Cossimbazar, Raibenshe village at Daulatabad, music trails around Jalangi and Gorbhanga.

Dooars & Himalayas


  • Rajabhatkhawa – Jan 15 – 17, 2021

Cultural Experience around Central Dooars

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm): Maruni Dance, Dukpa Dance & Song, Adivasi Dance & Song, Mime, Mech Dance & Song, Rava, Bakpa Dance (Mask Dance), Street Theatre, Yoga Show and Bhawaiya

Trail: Buxa Tiger Reserve, Madarihat, Chilapata, Salkumarhat and Jaigaon, Jayanti, Jaldapara forest drive, Tea Estates, Monasteries & Coochbehar Palace

Darjeeling & Kalimpong

  • 12th Mile village – Jan 16 – 17, 2021

Cultural Experiences around the Silk Route

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm):  Tibetan Group, Harvest Dance, Healing Music session, Local Band

Trail: 12th Mile village, Lava, Sillarygaon, Pedong, Rikkisum

  • Kafer village, Loleygaon

Jan 18, 2021: Cultural Experiences around the Heritage Forests

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm): Tamang Song & Dance

Trail: Pemling, Pabung, Nimbong, Yelbong, Chuikhim

  • Takdah (Tinchulay)

Jan 19, 2021: Cultural Experiences around the World War I Grounds

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm):  Gurung Song & Dance

Trail: Lamahatta, Chota Mangwa, Bara Mangwa, Peshok, Mungpoo, Sittong, Rangaroon

  • Rimbick

Jan 20, 2021: Cultural Experiences around the Trekking Base Camp

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm) :  Newar Song & Dance

Trail: Srikhola, Kainjilay, Rammam, Jhotra, Dhotray

  • Bijanbari

Jan 21, 2021: Cultural Experiences around the Heritage Village

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm):  Khas Balun & Sangini Dance

Trail: Jhepi, Chamong

  • Sonada

Jan 22, 2021: Cultural Experiences around the World Heritage Site, DHR

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm): Sherpa Song & Dance

Trail: Kurseong, Ghoom

  • Mungpoo

Jan 23, 2021: Cultural Experiences around the Heritage Rabindra Bhawan

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm): Songs & Dances of Tagore, Local Cultural Bands

Trail: Lamahatta, 3rd Mile, Sittong

  • Bunkulung village, Mirik Subdivision

Jan 24, 2021: Cultural Experiences around the Agro Village

Cultural Performance (11 am – 3 pm): Dhimal Song & Dance, Local Festival Songs & Dances

Trail: Dudhia, Chenga, Naksalbari, Mirik

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