Nitin Jain – Founder of India PR Distribution, sharing some thoughts of his fruitful journey

NewswireOnline:- Nitin Jain has established an impressive career in public relations, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. His organization, India PR Distribution, provides quantity press release distribution for India and overseas clients.

He has spent 15 years in public relations and digital marketing and has worked on various projects in the country and abroad.

Despite his busy schedule and a growing number of clients, Nitin has managed to find the time to create a meaningful legacy for his clients and his company. It has worked on over 150 client projects and has won numerous awards. Nitin Jain shares his passion for PR and digital marketing, which led him to create India’s largest PR distribution network.

Nitin Jain says, “I am an Author, Entrepreneur, and Mentor with a passion to create and contribute. India PR Distribution is India’s Award-winning PR Agency. It is currently based in Gurgaon. Assisting with social welfare projects and other projects, including those with leading celebrities, sportspersons, and various ministries, as well as with NGOs.Presently, I am responsible for leading multiple startups and organizations towards positive growth and excellence. I have received numerous awards and honors for my corporate and social work.

I enjoy working with people and teams around the world and sharing creative ideas and strategies. Many organizations have benefited from my consulting services. Numerous publications and portals have featured me. I have trained many people who are now social media influencers and entrepreneurs.

It is hard to find something more rewarding than hearing someone tell you how they have changed their lives. I want to be that positive force in the global business community.”

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