Sagar Jaybhay on The Importance of Coding For Indian Students

10 Dec 2019,(NewswireOnline)The workforce is changing and growing in ways that we may have never imagined. There are many high-paying jobs now that did not exist even five years ago. The World Economic Forum found that “65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist.” Preparing students for a workforce that may not even exist yet is difficult, but using the trends of the current job market can help. Now, there is a significant need for coders, software developers, and other jobs relating to these areas.

As technology grows, software is becoming more prevalent and essential in our everyday lives. Computers wouldn’t be as useful if there were no codes or coders. Coding is responsible for all software, which is responsible for everything, from writing an email to searching on Google or playing a video game. The use of software does not look to be slowing down, which makes coding is a skill necessary for the top careers of the future.

The result of this increase in use software is the need for coders, which many people recognize, including Indian parents. More children are being taught the basics of coding at a young age. There are numerous coding academies across India where children are learning to code. If kids don’t attend an academy, they might teach themselves to code using online resources. Young people today are being exposed to the skills needed to obtain a high-paying job in a growing field.

Aside from being a great way to prepare children for the future job market, coding is an excellent way to help students develop critical skills that will be used throughout their entire life. Learning code is learning a different language. It has formulas made up of zeroes and ones that make up a unique language used to give various technology directions. Coding offers people the ability to understand the language of the technology that surrounds them.

 It also gives children the ability to become skilled creative problem solvers at a young age. They can adapt the code that may not work, or even modify it to do something more than what it could before by using their imagination, creativity, and math skills. Coding is the way of the future in India and around the world.

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