Meena Sharma Launches Fundraising Campaign on to Battle Breast Cancer

Meena Sharma, a brave individual facing the battle against breast cancer, has initiated a crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds for her ongoing treatment. Meena, a mother and a determined fighter, has been confronting the unexpected twists of life since the discovery of a lump in her breast.

Currently undergoing chemotherapy and targeted therapy, Meena’s journey is marked by both physical and emotional challenges. With no earning members in her family and relying on government schemes and her father’s pension for survival, the financial burden of the treatment has become overwhelming.

The campaign aims to raise INR 15 lacs to cover the expenses of Meena’s ongoing treatment and recovery. Meena, known for her positivity and zest for life, dreams of buying a house for her son, who has been her pillar of strength throughout this journey.

In a heartfelt message, Meena shares her journey and expresses her gratitude to potential donors, “I find myself reaching out to you in a time of great need. I need to raise funds for my battle against breast cancer, a fight I never expected to face. The diagnosis was a heavy blow, but my determination to fight this disease remains unshaken. Your support is the ray of hope we need, and it brings us closer to my dream of a cancer-free life. Thank you for your compassion, and your donation is greatly appreciated.”

As the community rallies around Meena in this challenging time, every contribution is a step towards helping her face the battle against breast cancer with renewed hope, determination, and strength.

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