How to keep your body warm from inside in winters?


Newswire Online – Winters bring with them issues like running nose, sore throat and other problems related to the cold season. It is very necessary to wear warm clothes to avoid cold and cold winds, but the body also needs internal warmth because if you are weak from inside, you will still feel the cold even after wearing more clothes.

If the body is warm from inside, it will help in the fight against many diseases such as infection, soreness, palpitations, pain, swelling, cough, phlegm, fever, and allergy.

How to get inner warmth in the body

You can easily achieve body warmth by adding few food-items in your diet. In the winter, eat foods that contain plenty of protein, fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and thiamine.

Dry Fruits – Consume more dry fruits in the winter season. Dry fruits are rich sources of Vitamin-E, B complex, Omega S, Zinc, Florid, Calcium, and Healthy Protein. Dry fruits also keep our body warm and they are also very good for health. You can take a handful of cashew nuts, almond nut pistachios in winter.

dry-fruitsEggs – If you are a non-vegetarian, you should have Eggs in the winter every day. Eggs contain vitamin A, B-12, B6, calcium, iron, potassium, selenium, fatty acids and proteins, which is very beneficial for our health.


Omega-3 Fatty Acid – Eat fish, it is considered to be the best in winter. It gives warmth. There is a lot of zinc in it which increases our body’s immune power and keeps us away from diseases. You can also use omega-3-face capsules from doctor’s advice.


 Fruits – Eat juicy fruits like lemon, orange, seasonal, grapefruit in the winter. There is a lot of vitamin-C in fruits. Having fruits increases our body’s immunity. However, eat fruits only at noon to get maximum benefit from them in winters.winter-fruits

Green vegetables – Green vegetables contain vitamins A, C and K. Eating green leafy vegetables such as and spinach gives our bodies nutrients, which are very beneficial for our body.


Millet – Millet contains protein more quantity than other grains. Calcium, Magnesium, Fiber, Vitamin-B and Anti-oxidant are found in abundance. Millet (Bajra in Hindi) has immense benefits for young children.Millet

Lentils (Daal in Hindi) – Eat daal in the winter season. There are lots of nutrient contents in it. Lentils are a rich source of protein and they keep our body healthy. Make sure to include Lentils in your daily meal.

Beans – Beans are another great food to have in winters. Beans contain potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, B-6, thiamin and riboflavin. Beans are one of the best foods for winter.

Ginger-garlic – By eating ginger-garlic, the body gets warmth and digestion also improves. Ginger and Garlic are very popular in winters because they provide a lot of benefits. Ginger and Garlic also keep the body protected from diseases. Drinking ginger tea has a lot of benefits for a sore throat, common cold and other winter-related ailments.


Sesame – By eating sesame, our body gets energy. By mixing sesame oil and ghee, you can get relief from a cough and nasal congestion. There are many nutrients found in sesame. Sesame oil massage prevents cold and increases skin beauty.Sesame-Seeds

Honey – Honey is beneficial in every season but its use in winter is very useful. By incorporating it into the food, the immune system remains healthy.

Conclusion:  Add all these food items in your diet and keep your body warm and healthy from inside in winters. Spend money on having these food items instead of visiting doctors and stay healthy.