HelloDiya launches AI-Powered Shopping Assistant in India


20 March 2020 (NewswireOnline):– Shopping is time-consuming and this happens whether customers buy in physical stores or online stores. Good thing, customers in India have their own personal shopping assistant now. Hellodiya has released a beta version of an AI-powered shopping assistant that is designed to help customers find the best products according to individual preferences. HelloDiya’s mission is to help you make your purchase decisions easier. Thus, they believe that everyone should have all the information they need to come up with the best buying decision.

Available for customers in India, this browser extension supports shops across various retailers online. With over 17,000 members worldwide, HelloDiya is designed to find the best price of products they want online. Customers nowadays know how easy it is for promotions to mislead them into getting the best deals. As of 2019, there are around 75 million online shoppers in India. This is expected to grow to more than 220 million in 2025.

Meanwhile, the-commerce business is expected to grow from $44.77 billion in 2016 to $84 billion this 2021. Thus, comparing prices from various sellers is vital to help them shop online. Instead of spending hours searching for the best price before checking out, HelloDiya selects the lowest price in just seconds. HelloDiya uses its original and most popular tool to find and apply coupon codes on over 40,000 top-rated sites.

Just one click and customers can save big plus earn rewards for using its exclusive HelloDiya Gold program. Users can redeem 100 to 1,000 Gold gift cards through their favorite online stores. There’s also a price history which tells them how much a product’s price has increased or decreased in a certain period. Based on past trends, customers can decide whether to buy now or wait for its price to drop again. The drop list is where customers can simply add items and let HelloDiya watches and notify them whenever its price drops.

For avid fans of Amazon, this browser extension is indeed a time and money saver. Using all of its advanced tools, HelloDiya compares every seller to come up with the lowest price in Amazon. To make things more interesting and convenient, this AI-powered shopping assistant is also available in a mobile app. Thus, customers in India can easily discover the latest products or anything they need and get the best deals. It also has a scam alert section to keep consumers informed about the latest techniques used by scammers.

Once they’ve got everything they need in their cart, just one click on the checkout button and they’re done shopping. Those who don’t want to get the mobile app can add HelloDiya in almost all kinds of browsers out there. It works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. For the coming holidays, millions of shoppers are expected to grab the best deals they can find. From the biggest stores like Adidas, Sephora, Forever 21, Target, and Macy’s, HelloDiya.com compares all kinds of products, even travel bookings.

HelloDiya can help customers enjoy shopping knowing that they have a reliable shopping assistant to help them in their holiday purchases. HelloDiya has now rewarded more than $8 million to members and helped them save more than $1 billion. For the best deals, customers can visit HelloDiya.com or check out the Chrome Web Store to add this cost-effective browser feature.

About HelloDiya 

HelloDiya is a smart shopping assistant which helps users to make the best purchase decisions. Powered by artificial intelligence, this virtual shopping assistant helps customers find the best products at the right price without wasting time and money. It uses both editorial input and AI technology to make sense of user reviews. HelloDiya also finds the best discount codes that are available online and use them on thousands of retailers to avoid overpaying. Recognized by leading experts, HelloDiya promotes a better shopping experience on a budget. HelloDiya was founded by Nirmal Singh and R Das in 2019 and headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.