DEVCOOL Group of Companies – Fastest Growing Healthcare Company in USA to expand its India offices


DevCool is ranked as one of the fastest-growing Healthcare technology company and is among top successful companies in USA in 2021. DevCool is ranked 12th in San Francisco, 24th in California and 28th in Software industry across USA for its growth in 2021.

DevCool is a leader in Healthcare innovation and managed services, solving complex technology problems for top 10 Hospital and Healthcare insurance companies in USA. DevCool team works with hospital research staff on building various Artificial Intelligence AI models to be used for better patient and revenue outcomes.

Covid-19 has caused strain on healthcare industry across the globe, and we see increased demand for technology solutions and people to support it. Today, India has transformed as a hub for entrepreneurs and innovation and there is no better place than India to hire talent.

“Our goal is to hire 1500 employees in India by 2022, starting with goal of 50 in 100 – hire 50 employees in next 100 days. Our employees will have the opportunity to solve real issues faced today by Research Hospitals, Medical Centers, Insurance companies  & Public Health Departments” says Sandeep Deokule, CEO of Devcool & HiPaaS who was awarded this year as most influential healthcare leaders to watch in USA by Healthcare Insights.

DevCool was founded in 2007 in silicon valley (San Francisco, CA) and focuses on Healthcare technology industry. DevCool has 150+ employees across USA delivering technology solutions to leading Hospitals and Insurance companies. Its flagship product HiPaaS uses AI to solve real-life healthcare scenarios.

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