Greater Noida Housewife Doli Sirohi turned an opportunity for disaster: An inspiration

A famous chef and celebrity, Curtis Stone once said ‘Cooking is a caring and nurturing act. It’s kind of the ultimate gift for someone, to cook for them.’ Doli Sirohi seems to have followed this as she decided to nurture her cooking skills and help others in doing so. In 2020, when the whole world was staying in their homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Doli decided to utilize this time following the ‘Aapda Ko Awsar’ slogan by the honorable PM by starting her YouTube channel and giving her passion for cooking a crown that we know as ‘Dolly’s Kitchen. Today she has a rapidly growing subscribe base and is one of the few people to have been honored by lots of magazines in India.

Read on to know how Doli’s Journey is an inspiration for many housewives.

About Doli Sirohi

Doli has always had a passion for cooking, ever since her childhood. She used to be a bright personality and got married to Sushil Sirohi a real state firm owner and shifted to Greater Noida with little did she knows, she decided to start her own YouTube channel ‘Doly’s Kitchen’ in the month of pandemic and lockdown which is now among fastest-growing channels and is also one of the few channels to deliver quality and honest content. She is one of the few creators who decided to donate her certain YouTube earnings to orphanages and NGOs.

About Content

During the pandemic, Doli used to experiment with different dishes in the kitchen and soon she start sharing all those dishes on YouTube. Even though Doli started her channel for people who don’t know much about cooking, today her content has evolved as she also keeps up with the trends and demands of her subscribers. She makes recipes for people of all ages and expertise and does not limit herself. Doli makes sure to engage with her viewers. Today, she is also exploring and making content on YouTube shorts. Keeping her production quality simple and easy for the viewers to understand and replicate. Well, we have tried almost all her drool-worthy recipes, what about you?

If you still haven’t watched her delicious cooking videos then you should click here and check them out.

What Doli has to say about her content

My primary aim to start a YouTube channel was to follow my passion as well as craft others. When I thought of starting, I started watching many recipes on YouTube and identified my niche where I can post videos. In a covid lockdown, people were unable to enjoy the food that he don’t know to cook. I started sharing recipe videos that can be easily cooked by everyone with easily available kitchen ingredients. The main motto of the channel is that recipes should be so easy and tasty that viewers can ‘Cook With Love.’