‘GoIreland’ Goes Global, as Ireland emerges as an International Education Hub

  • Launching 12 branches all across the world, GoIreland is focused on catering to the demands of international students choosing to study in Ireland.
  • GoIreland holds 5+ awards for the most recommended overseas education consultants since 2018 standing firm as a global leader in Ireland Education Consultation.
  • GoIreland’s official website (goireland.in) and their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/goireland.in) receiving messages from students all over the world was one of the reasons for their global expansion, as their demand for student-centric services grew across the globe.
  • Instant guidance, Personalised approach, documentation support, applications for admission & Visa, education loan, and accommodation arrangement are inclusive of GoIreland’s free services.

GoIreland, the Exclusive Education Consultants for Ireland & a Brand of Preston Educational Consultants has launched international branches.

Going global was a priority after the success of 10+ branches all over India. With the exponential increase in student reach through the branches extending from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Cochin, and Trivandrum, GoIreland is now going international with offices in South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya, Nigeria, and UAE.

“Handling international students is a real challenge with varied requirements for the application and visa. But our team of consultants are trained with all the details as required by the Universities. With the response from our branches in India, we have taken this leap to cater and guide students all around the globe,” said Ilaya Bharathi, Founder, GoIreland on the eve of the launch.

GoIreland is now the Leading Consultancy for Ireland and has bagged several awards year after year ever since 2018 by the Higher Education Review, Insight success and Silicon India as the Most trusted, promising, and among the top 10 most Recommended Overseas Education Consultants.

“A strong digital presence and an ever-ready response to enquiries through certified consultants have worked out perfectly and is the secret behind the success of GoIreland. Understanding student preference is exponentially increasing students’ reach to us through word of mouth references”, explained Ilaya Bharathi.

GoIreland’s soaring numbers in student recruitment, direct partnership with all Universities in Ireland and their presence with 10+ branches across India has made them one of the leading admission partners for higher education in Ireland.

“The focus of GoIreland is to stay strong to their commitment to creating an impact on the student’s dream to study abroad. Guiding students to build their career through higher education abroad has always been their goal leading to 10000+ applications. Customising services that cater to students in this journey has taken GoIreland to extend operations across the globe,” explained Ilaya Bharathi.

Striving to be a global leader in Overseas Education Consultation and making a mark in the industry is the focus of GoIreland, as a team. Business apart, GoIreland continues to be successful with the strong support from students as well as Universities and is preferred as a trusted and recommended partner. “Doing good and being remembered for doing good as a team has kept us going and will continue to do so”, concluded Ilaya Bharathi.