‘GoFrance’ launches 10 New Branches, Aims to attract more Indian students to France

  • GoFrance launched 10 new Branches in major cities across India to cater to the increasing demand of Indian students choosing to study abroad in France. Their official website gofrance.com was also launched on the same day.
  • In a recent meeting between Indian PM Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron, both reiterated their commitment for close economic, cultural, and educational exchanges between the two countries.
  • France aims to attract 20,000 Indian students by 2025.

GoFrance, a new Brand of Preston Educational Consultants, launched 10 Branches across  Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Cochin, Delhi, and Pondicherry on June 23rd. Their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/gofrance.in) has already garnered a huge following from students.

“Though a novel venture, GoFrance is sure of its success after the consistent achievements over the years. We have successfully placed more than 10,000 students for the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Germany and we have been lauded with an appreciation for 10+ years,” said Ilaya Bharathi, Founder, GoFrance on the eve of the launch of their new venture.

Meeting in person for consultation is crucial for many students and their parents and this has been increasing rapidly after COVID. Taking this into consideration, GoFrance has decided to launch 10 new ‘GoFrance’ branches across the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hugs French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.(Twitter/Narendra Modi)

“A strong digital presence and an ever-ready response to enquiries through certified consultants have worked out perfectly for GoIreland and are the secret behind our success. Understanding student preference through GoIreland and taking pride in assisting 3000+ students, we are sure of our new initiative GoFrance to reach great heights”, explained Ilaya Bharathi.

France aims to attract 20,000 Indian Students by 2025

While there is a huge demand for USA and Canada, students are increasingly interested in the French Government’s initiative to attract 20,000 Indian students by 2025. GoFrance has decided to guide and support these students looking for higher education in France through its qualified team of consultants.

French Institutions offer 1500+ courses in English which means that you don’t need to know French to study in France. Knowing and learning French can be supportive while finding jobs and there are various options to learn the language. Few other perks of paid internships, the presence of Fortune 500 companies, special post-study stay back visa after graduation is surely a hit among Indian students.

Strategies for GoFrance

Personalised individual attention, engaging SOP and LORs, quick application process and extended support for education loan and accommodation, a sound knowledge about France, their Universities, and the scope of various sectors is all they have to offer students looking to study in France. Students are always given complete guidance on arranging sufficient funds and are well informed before the process is initiated. Consultants are trained on a regular basis and are updated with the latest information in courses, Universities & Visa requirements. With a 100% visa success rate thus far, it is going to be a breeze for GoFrance. “We are looking forward to this great leap into France as we are sure of what we are doing with a young dynamic team of consultants, ready to assist students and to make a mark in the industry,” concluded Ilaya Bharathi.

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