January Goat farming Training has been done successfully: 2021

Goat farming Training

(NewswireOnline): After Covid19 and Bird flu pandemic situation, the Poultry sector has gone to ground level. The Big fall has been seen in the consumption of chicken.

The benefit of this pandemic gets to the goat meat industry, Peoples of India looking for an opportunity in the Goat farming sector. Hundreds of new entrepreneurs, unemployed youth attracting toward this business.

Goats are a good source of meat, milk, and fiber. The goat gives birth twice a year, due to its small gestation and fine meat quality, there is immense opportunity in this sector.

To take the benefit and start a goat farming career peoples of India looking to learn goat farming.

Recently many youths took goat farming training from one of the popular goat farms.

The January goat farming training has been held at Indus goat farm Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. Many people are getting training from this farm and learning the best way for successful goat farming.

This goat farm is the best goat farm in central India, The farm has hundred quality goats that are managed under stall feeding conditions.

The owner provides all three types of feed which are Green, dry, and concentrate feed for the better health of goats.

The owner of this farm is highly experienced, he has been doing goat farming for the last five years And Now they are teaching goat farming to beginners.

The syllabus of their training program covers complete goat farming from breed to treatment and the vaccination part is also included in it.

Their syllabus has 10 different subjects that are covered in two days. Every person who wants to learn goat farming can apply for this training. The Application form for training is available on their official website.

The training syllabus includes

  1. Introduction and type of goat farming in India
  2. Profitable goat farming breeds in India
  3. Housing management of goats
  4. Kid management
  5. Goat Reproduction management
  6. Viral & bacterial disease of goats
  7. Deworming of goats
  8. Vaccination schedule of goats
  9. Loan for goat farming
  10. Practical: castration, hoof trimming, dressing, weighing of goats

The syllabus includes 50% practical and 50% theoretical in which complete goat farming is covered.

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