Airbag and sunroof for scooter! Yes GERMAN-MECHANIC Safety & Innovative parts and accessories manufacturer aims to reduce accidental injury rate by 30% before 2025.

Till date you must have heard these luxury and safety feature into luxury car category. Now you will soon experience them in your favorite scooter and that is also within affordable price. A start-up recognized by government of India is manufacturing safety innovative lifestyle parts and accessories for two-wheeler for riders’ maximum protection. roof with button operated sunroof designed especially for scooters in accessories provides comfort and lifestyle in harsh weather under GERMAN-MECHAINC brand is one of their great innovations.

A Global status report 2023 on road safety released by the United Nations World Health Organization shows there are more than one lakh fifty thousand fatalities in INDIA, which includes more than 48% of two-wheeler riders. The company had researched, studied accidental data, and found a major cause of fatality rate in accidents and life-threatening injuries. Accordingly, GERMAN-MECHANIC has designed and manufactured all its products to provide riders with maximum protection along with comfort and lifestyle.

After studying accidental data GERMAN-MECHANIC comes to conclusion that we need to approach each injury in a customized way because two-wheeler is totally different from four-wheeler where rider body is directly exposed to impact.

For example, in a city traffic many people knukkle and fingers got injured while crossing traffics which impact their daily task and job because fingers are most important to perform any routine task, you can’t even scroll up this news if your finger injured  so GERMAN-MECHANIC has designed Handguard to protect riders fingers knukkle.

Also when two wheeler suddenly had frontal collision due to Kinetic energy rider hit his head on front vehicle or he use to throw outside of vehicle and his head hits on any hard surface on the road which was identified was the most reason of fatality rate in two wheeler accident so GERMAN-MECHAINC has designed a windshield which intact rider into two wheeler itself and does not allow him to thrown out of vehicle due to Kinetic energy. GERMAN-MECHAINC is also developed side visors which provides safety in case of side impacts and collision curtain airbag is also in research phase which claims 360-degree protection.

Hence like GERMAN-MECHANIC has researched designed developed many parts and accessories which provides maximum protection and lifestyle to rider, company has protected all their innovation under patent and copyright act.

So next time when you buy a vehicle ask your dealer for original GERMAN-MECHAINC branded full accessories kit to fix on your vehicle for better protection and lifestyle instead low-quality nonregulated locale accessories.

GERMAN-MECHANIC aims to reduce the injury & fatality count by 30% globally by the end of this year with their innovation.

To support the WHO road safety mission which targets to reduce the fatality rate by 2030 GERMAN-MECHANIC appeals to all riders to follow traffic rules, keep the speed limit, Don’t drink and drive, Don’t use mobile while driving and use GERMAN-MECHANIC Safety gear for maximum protection and lifestyle.

GERMAN-MECHANIC Safety & Innovation.

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