GCEC launches India’s 1st Finance Lab for undergraduate students on World Entrepreneurs Day

(Newswire Online) August 21st, 2019 | Jaipur, Rajasthan

August 21st, 2019 is World Entrepreneurship Day to celebrate innovation and empowerment of entrepreneurship and leadership all over the globe.Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce(Vivekananda Global University) celebrated the occasion to applaud the success stories of the entrepreneurs created by the college.To keep up the spirit of entrepreneurship the college organised day-long knowledge sessions and group activities like Jaipur Trading League, Start-up Ideation and Treasure Hunt.

On this Occasion, India’s first Finance Labfor undergraduate students was successfully launched today in Vivekananda Global University’s Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce (GCEC) campus in Jaipur. With this initiative, GCEC has created history in the field of entrepreneurship and commerce studies since its undergraduate students will be among the first in the country to be trained and groomed to become better traders and efficient analysts for the financial markets domain.

GCEC, operational in Jaipur since 2017, is an institution with an aim to change the standard of higher education in the country, which focuses more on practical grooming rather than theoretical learning. The college is pioneer in focusing on practical learning, entrepreneurial mindset and new age curriculum alongside creating world level results.

Students participated in day-long knowledge sessions and group activities, among them being Jaipur Trading League (JTL) 2019, the first-ever mock trading competition for the student community, organized jointly by CredFIC, GCEC and TradingView. Top 5 winners were awarded with annual subscription plans of TradingView, which these students will use to further enhance their skills and talent.

TheFinance Labis a unique co-branded initiative of CredFIC and GCEC to educate students about financial markets, trading and investment strategies, along with developing students into better traders and efficient analysts. The initiative will also benefit aspirational student entrepreneurs to become financially independent and smartly manage their ventures and startups.

Interested students would be inducted in a year-long program on Trading, Risk and Investment Management (TRIM), which will be conducted by CredFIC and is scheduled to begin from September this year. The TRIM program is a holistic and uniquely designed curriculum that will expose GCEC students to concepts such as understanding the nuances of trading on the Indian stock market, deep research and analysis on stocks and sectors, investment and risk assessment, among other areas.

Speaking on the launch,Paresh Gupta, Founder and CEO – GCEC, mentioned, “Our objective has always being to provide the best learning environment to students and build their confidence for the future. We have created history by launching the first finance lab for undergraduate students, which is a proud moment for GCEC. When we were approached by CredFIC to collaborate on this initiative, we were very excited on the idea as the Finance Lab and TRIM program add immense value to our existing curriculum. We sincerely thank CredFIC for making it possible.”

Siddhartha Sharma, Founder and CFO – CredFIC, said, “We are on a mission to shift the industry dynamics of information and knowledge towards retail and student traders, through the delivery of market insights and democratized financial education. The Finance Lab is our first step towards this mission, and we are glad to have GCEC as our partners to make this possible. We have identified students for the first batch, who will be groomed and trained to enhance their skills and become better traders, business professionals and smart entrepreneurs.”

RauanKhassan, Vice President, International Growth – TradingView, said, “We are glad to partner with CredFIC and GCEC on this unique initiative that recognises trading skills and talent among the Jaipur student community. Combining CredFIC’s efforts with TradingView’s products and services would go a long way in developing students into better traders and efficient analysts. Our best wishes and compliments to all participants.”

About CredFIC(www.credfic.com)
CredFIC, formed as a meld of InvesTech (investment technology) and proprietary trading, now operates as a resource provider, for retail and student traders. Our focus areas include technology, trading, education and consultancy services in the sphere of entrepreneurial finance, innovation and investing.

About GCEC (www.gcecglobal.com)
Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce is an institution with an aim to change the standard of higher education in the country, focused more upon practical grooming rather than theoretical learning. GCEC is India’s first dedicated college for Entrepreneurship and Commerce studies which integrates 3 years of practical learning and open book curriculum based on international study patterns.


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