Fortune’s Holi Campaign – #FortuneEkRangAnek contest – a great success

New Delhi [India], March 15: On the occasion of Holi, one of India’s most popular and colourful festivals, Fortune Edible Oils & Foods released its Holi campaign with a unique concept uniting India & highlighting special Holi recipes that are the favourite dishes of households during this time. As a brand that prides itself on bringing people together through the joy of homemade food, Fortune Edible Oils & Foods made everyone’s Holi special with the #FortuneEkRangAnek Contest and exciting Holi gift hampers.

Touching India’s emotions with food & colours, Social Beat conceptualised the idea of Fortune Ek Rang Anek, a thoughtful Holi Contest that pays ode to the diversity across India celebrating cuisines and dishes specific to the festival across India.

The Fortune Ek Rang Anek contest invited participants from all over India to cook their favourite Holi dishes famous in their region and share them on social media to win exciting hampers. The contest went live on the 1st of March and is accepting participation till the 10th of March. It has received a whopping 10+ million reach, 16+ million views and an engagement of 6+ million till now. Various Influencers & Chefs from the food industry have participated by explaining the idea of the contest, sharing their special recipe made with Fortune edible oils and foods and inviting others to join the Holi celebrations.

Commenting on the campaign, Vikas Chawla, the CEO & Founder of Social Beat, said, “Holi is a joyful festival that brings people together. And nothing is complete without the spread of delicious food in Indian households. The core idea of this contest hence reflects the joy of preparing various delicacies, sharing them & enjoying them together. This contest plugs in with that emotion and has been receiving huge participation”

Creativity and festive joy are reflected in their shared recipes of Puranpoli, mixed pakodas with thandai dip, kadi badi, basanti pulao and gujiyas. Popular Food Bloggers, YouTubers & Master chefs from all around India participated in promoting Fortune’s Holi Campaign & Contest. A few among them were Chef Guntas Sethi from Maharashtra, Akriti Gupta from Delhi, Gujju Ben from Gujarat, Aarti Sahani from UP, Baby Chef Sabhya from Rajasthan, Oindrila Bala from West Bengal.

As a company that is deeply rooted in Indian culture, Fortune understands the importance of this festival and the joy it brings to people’s lives. This contest will announce 20 winners with the best recipes who will receive the Fortune Holi Hamper with kitchen essentials for an entire month! Fortune invites everyone to join in the festivities and experience the magic of Holi with Fortune Ek Rang Anek!

“While we all celebrate Holi after 2 years, it’s eminent to make it a perfect & memorable event. With Fortune’s wide range of products, trying various recipes becomes easy & hassle-free. And with this Campaign, we see our audience happily engage and share their household Holi recipes. This contest is a great idea to bring everyone together & cherish India’s diversity” – Sanjay Adesara, Media & Digital Head, Adani Wilmar Limited.

It was in 2000 that we began our journey, a journey where every milestone said Rukna Mat. It was a journey to take Ghar ka Khana from good to great, kyu ki hum sirf “good pe nahi rukte”. Beginning as an edible oil brand, we started exploring the flavours of north India and other parts of India and came up with our own range of highest quality rice, soya chunks & granules, revolutionary cooking oils to manage sugar levels, and the list continues to go on. Tel se lekar chawal tak, atta se lekar dal, besan se lekar soya bade hum kabhi ruke nahi!

Today, Fortune Edible Oils & Foods is one of the leading food brands in India, with a strong presence in both urban and rural markets. We have a vast distribution network and sell our products through various channels, including modern retail stores, traditional grocery stores, and online marketplaces. In addition to its domestic operations, Fortune Edible Oils & Foods also exports its products to several countries around the world.