5 ways to check if your footwear is causing pain

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(NewswireOnline): Do you remember the roots which keep the tree sturdy and stand tall? Also, the foundation of a high rise building ensures it is safe for residents. The same goes for the foundation of our body; our feet.

We tend to completely ignore the feet till you start experiencing some kind of foot pain or even more severe issues such as flat feet, bunion, plantar fasciitis or arthritis.

One of the major reasons why we have foot pain or discomfort is the kind of footwear one wears. There is footwear which are pain-causing as also footwear which provide pain relief and it is important to know the difference between both of them.


Footwear that are flat and flimsy such as flip flops or regular slippers are the biggest culprit since they do not provide you with any kind of support and you tend to flip in them which can even lead to sprains and fractures.

If you love wearing pointed shoes which have narrow toe box to impress others; then be prepared to risk foot pain and bunion which is caused by wearing ill-fitting and narrow footwear.

Also high on the list are heels and stilettos which is worn frequently or for a longer duration can lead to foot, ankle and heel pain.

There is also a misconception that wearing silicone insoles or heel pads provide relief and support but the reality is that they are wobbly and makes you unstable.

So what kind of footwear provides pain relief?

The 5 most essential features for pain relief footwear are as follows: –


  1. Arch Support

Arches are the natural shock absorbers in our body and fallen arches or flat feet can lead to severe pain as also affect the body posture and GAIT (walking pattern) of the person

  1. Broad Toe Box

Your toes should never feel crunched while wearing footwear; whether they are shoes or sandals. Therefore, it is important to wear a broad toe box so that your toes are relaxed and can move easily. You would have observed that at times your nail turns black and the reason is the toes got crunched and blood circulation stopped in your toe area turning your toes black

  1. Cushioning

Your feet need to be pampered as they are always busy and you are literally on the move and the best way to do so is to provide the right amount of cushioning. The cushioning should have the right amount of thickness, comfort and shore hardness which indicates whether it will provide you with stability or are so soft that your feet will sink into them making you work even harder to lift your feet

  1. DeepHeel Cup

Your heel area is the most supple and needs to be well-rested. If your footwear has a deep heel cup your feet will be well-rested and provide you with the real comfort your feet deserve and more importantly avoid any kind of heel pain.

  1. Shock Absorption

Walking on concrete, hard roads as also having to encounter rough surfaces and sharp objects is something we need to do daily and hence your footwear must be able to take unnatural shocks we have to encounter.

The ability of your footwear to take shock is based on the ergonomic design of your footwear and the material being used to make the footwear.

Natural cork is also known as Nature’s Leather which is derived from Cork Oak Tree is known to be one of the best materials for your feet and has shock absorption capabilities.

Cork footwear from companies such as CMM -Your Foot Doctor and Birkenstock are popular and eco friendly too.

It is also a misconception that if you are home you don’t need footwear. The reality is you do spend a lot of time at home and you need to provide your feet with the necessary support and keep them hygienic too.

There is special indoor footwear available in the market and fact, CMM has a special range of cork slippers for indoor use.

flip flops or regular slippers

So next time don’t say Oh My Foot! and start wearing Pain Relief Footwear.