Finance to Farming

When Sudhanshu and Susmita, two highly educated professionals find themselves caught in the web of fast lives, few realizations hit them. 

Leading a life with no “ me “ time, consuming food that has neither nutritional value nor is free from harmful chemicals, chair, and meetings, and becoming one’s constant partner were some of the facts that the dynamic couple was facing. The constant realization of getting stuck in the rut and not being able to do much to solve the larger problems of society was not something they felt great about even after coming out of their top alma mater Leeds University Business School UK & Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai.

Taking the tough call of calling it a day to their corporate lives and returning to their home base, Bhopal from Delhi was easier said than done, but the couple went ahead anyway.

Organic farming is what they chose to get into. This sector fulfilled their dream of getting into entrepreneurship with consciousness. Having experienced the side effects of progress like pollution, food with harmful pesticides, and so on, the duo got into organic farming with the same eagerness as a child on her first day of school.

Two years of investments in land aggregation, people, and learning yielded rich results. was born with a promise of integrity.

Learning from scratch, evolving as the day goes, became the buzzword. 

Two years and the couple”s efforts are getting recognition.

(Sudhanshu to add the media coverage they got)

The brand, Jaivik Jeevan, is aimed at sustainable farming. The duo not only practiced and perfected the art of organic farming, but they also went around propagating the importance of turning to organic farming. Apart from employment generators, they also ensured the betterment of lives around them.

Jaivik Jeevan today does a host of activities on their farm. 

It’s an Integrated farm that is certified Organic under NPOP. The farm hosts abandoned non-milking desi cow Gaushala, organic fertiliser and pest repellant production sections like Jeevamrit, Vermi-Compost, Farm yard compost, panchgavya, Panch Patti/Das Patti Kada. It’s a multi-cropping farm with a focus on heirloom seed variety and collection. It has a Vegetable section, grains, millet and pulses section, fruits, and other native plants. To conserve and replenish the water table the farm has a farm pond on one end with a fish and water harvesting pit at the other end. The farm is forward integrated with a processing center where what’s produced on the farm is processed to make stone ground floors and pulses, cold-pressed oil from oil seeds. Jaivik Jeevan is the retail end where all the proceeded and procured pure natural organic produce is sold directly to its clients. The farm is also expanding gradually into a farm tourism and training center for budding farmers and eager clients who want to explore a truly integrated organic farm.

Having established a boutique store in Bhopal, the couple now has taken the step toward expansion. Soon they would be marketing their products in India and overseas. 

Today, Jaivikjeevan gives the couple the joy and satisfaction of having taken the right decision. A soon-to-be brand to be reckoned with

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