IVEPOS is now live on Mswipe Moneystore application store: Great news for Restaurant and Retail businesses

Bengaluru, India:- IVEPOS, one of India’s leading Point of Sale (POS) applications, is now available on the Mswipe Money store. Retail businesses commonly use the Mswipe Money store for accessing various POS softwares. Being a trusted platform, Mswipe has strict assessment criteria for approving POS applications. IVEPOS is the latest entry in the list of prestigious and reliable applications available on the Mswipe Money store for retail traders. The platform has classified the Money store app under different categories. However, the users can mostly find three types of applications on this platform: merchant-specific, billing or inventory management, and other similar utility apps.

IVEPOS – An Advanced POS Application

IVEPOS is developed by Intuition Systems, a trustworthy name in the field of POS software development. The developer recommends this application to restaurants and retail owners. For small and medium-size businesses this application is convenient due to its cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, it commits a steady revenue increase in the case of the retail shops and restaurants.

Mswipe onboards applications are packed with advanced features that add value to the merchant’s business. Moreover, applications must adhere to modern security protocols to get approval on this POS application – The money store. Two major highlights of the IVEPOS application are the cloud data server and the advanced POS features.

IVEPOS is an AI-integrated POS application for restaurants and retail shops. It improves efficiency and reduces errors in payment processing. Most importantly, the application is affordable for small retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and fast food centers. Retail businesses and restaurants can get their hands on IVEPOS for an efficient inventory and employee management platform. Additionally, businesses can also manage vendors and customers using this tool.

IVEPOS is a versatile POS and business management software that eliminates the requirement of multiple apps. Therefore, it is a one-stop platform for business management for small and medium businesses. Since you do not have to use multiple apps, you can enjoy the convenience of switching between tasks seamlessly. Some significant features of the application are Billing, Payments, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Sales Analytics, Multiple store support, etc.

Idly Guru: IVEPOS’s New Customer on Mswipe

Idly Guru is a new food truck business in Bengaluru, and it serves hot and delicious idlis at only Rs. 10 rupees. This food joint is one of the novel clients of the IVEPOS on the Mswipe platform. Idly Guru is the fastest-growing food joint in India which signed the deal for over 200 licenses with Intuition Systems’ IVEPOS.

The company is looking forward to selling more IVEPOS licenses for the Mswipe’s merchants. Many small to large restaurants and retail stores have immensely benefitted in managing their payment gateways by using the IVEPOS application.

Frequent Updates

Intuition Systems, the developer of IVEPOS, assures frequent updates of the tool for the subscribers. The frequent updates ensure zero bugs and technological glitches. On the other hand, the company introduces new features to the application by releasing the updates.

The introduction of the new features with application updates does not change the pricing policy for the users. The buyers will continue to use newly added features with their old subscription agreement. Intuition Systems has developed an excellent brand value by rolling out the IVEPOS application for restaurants and retail stores.

Visit the Mswipe Money store and download the IVEPOS application for your retail business. Click here to visit the Mswipe Money store:  https://bit.ly/3xZbXOh.

About Intuition Systems

Intuition Systems is a Bengaluru-based company for developing POS applications using advanced technologies such as cloud storage, artificial intelligence, etc. The company has developed multiple applications, and IVEPOS is one of the company’s most successful products.

Click here to download IVEPOS app from the play store:  https://bit.ly/37uMO2U.