Farmer Exchange the new Agritech startup

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Agriculture market in India has a new Agritech player a market place aggregator specialising in demand creation and transaction for the clients looking for anything and everything in the agriculture space.

With an array of specific, focused and specialised SBU programs in the FarmerExchange network, with specialised programs like,,, & FarmerExchange is poised to be a disruptor in the Agritech space in India, focusing on a complete open source information model for the B2B, B2C, D2C segments.

Investor promotor of FarmerExchange Solomon Peter says that 60 per cent of the population is engaged in farming activities in India and is the backbone of the Indian economy and has a huge potential for the domestic as well as the export markets. Despite larger corporates having forayed and tried to corporatize the agriculture industry there has been a gap between the producers and consumers.

We are creating an environment where we identify the farmer his land, his produce and his customer and give access to the farmer and consumer digitally for interaction & transaction. We have given a digital identity to the farmers by making their farm and fields & their produce online which is accessible to consumers through the network. Giving real time satellite information on their soil quality and the potential of crop with the realisable revenue post production basis data of previous year’s prices, enabling the farmer to avail finance through the network of nationalised banks and other agro finance institutes. Having all technological & mechanical upgradation at the farmer’s door steps through the network where the entire farming related small enterprise to large corporates is listed and are eager to reach the farmers.

Already FarmerExchange has started to aggregate agriculture labs in 2 states of India that are propagating tissue culture and making a wide variety of tissue culture plant that are economically profitable for the farmers and growers, and are steadily poised to increase the network to other states in India. The platform is steadily working on launching its various programs and scaling it as a complete eco system for al participant in the farming industry.

Solomon says we are not the disruptors in the market, rather it’s a very vast market and has place to accommodate many players who has the ability to hand hold the customers to a perfect buy decision for a perfect fit product.

As we say Our Culture …….. Agriculture !!!