Omoinotake’s ‘EVERBLUE’, the opening theme song of Netflix’s anime “Blue Period” has been released!

(NewswireOnline): ‘EVERBLUE’ by Omoinotake, which is the opening theme song of the TV anime “Blue Period”, has been released for download and streaming. This is prior to the release of ‘EVERBLUE’(release date on Wednesday, November 17th) which is the first EP of Omoinotake from a major label.

“Blue Period” is a Japanese manga series that won the ‘Cartoon grand prize 2020’. Fans have been waiting for the TV animation and are excited about it.

©Tsubasa Yamaguchi, KODANSHA/Blue Period Production Committee
©Tsubasa Yamaguchi, KODANSHA/Blue Period Production Committee

‘EVERBLUE’ is arranged and produced by Mr. Koichi Tsutaya. The song has a disco sound which is somewhat nostalgic. Omoinotake worked hard for many years until they finally got their major debut. So the band members have put passion into this work.

TV animation “Blue Period” has been broadcasted on the Japanese TV programme called ‘‘Super Animeism’ on 28 TV stations network of TBS and MBS broadcast.

It has been released on Netflix inside Japan from September 25th prior to the rest of the world. Worldwide distribution (excluding some areas) on Netflix other than Japan finally begins from October 9th and it is planned to be distributed every Saturday.

Comment from Omoinotake:

“Hi, we are Omoinotake, who have created the opening theme song of the TV anime “Blue Period”. We are so honored to be involved in this amazing work which is full of emotions including both the pain and the amazingness of creating things. The truth is we thought that we didn’t have any particular talents in the beginning. Then we kept trying to find our way for many years. Then finally we found our place. It is actually the same location as in the “Blue Period”, which is a live performance we did on the street in Shibuya.

“Doing what I love doesn’t mean that I am always having fun”, the words of Yatora reminds us of how we are and we made a song with the words which were split from our feeling and melody. Until today we have continued working on our band for the last 9 years and we just simply ‘love music’ just like Yatora who ‘loves drawing’.We finished creating the world of ‘EVERBLUE’ as the opening theme song of “Blue Period”. Complex, conflict, not going well at the beginning when you start doing something and suffering, we put all of these feelings into this song. We hope many people put themselves into this song and think about the wishes of people who just started their challenges.”

The music video of ‘EVERBLUE’ has also been released on YouTube and is gaining attention. Here is the link to the music video:

We can’t take our eyes off this band, and are so excited for their future success! Digital distribution for the music on ‘EVERBLUE’, download and streaming are available from here:

©Tsubasa Yamaguchi, KODANSHA/Blue Period Production Committee
©Tsubasa Yamaguchi, KODANSHA/Blue Period Production Committee

Artist Biography

The band consists of Leo Fujii(Leo) Keyboardist/Vocalist, Tomoaki Fukushima (Emoaki) Bassist and Hironoshin Tomita(Drage)Drummer. There are no Guitar members. They were classmates in junior high school. They formed the band in 2012. They performed live mainly on the street in Shibuya regularly and gained popularity. Digital single ‘Moratorium’ was used for the theme song for the tie-in theatre animation “Twittering Birds Never Fly – The Clouds Gather” and gained a lot of attention. They appeared on the YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE” for the first time even though they are from independent record labels. The song ‘Ubugoe’ which was released in November 2020 and was used as the opening theme for the TV drama on TV TOKYO “Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!”. They are expected to be the next break-out artist.

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October 1, 2021 (Fri)

DL & ST release:

November 17, 2021 (Wed)

CD (Limited edition) release

Price: 2,000 Yen (tax not incl.)

Packaging: Special Case with specially drawn anime artwork【Limited edition】CD+DVD




M2. By My Side

M3. Crossword

M4. Hyoryu Kyoshitsu


M1. EVERBLUE Music Video

M2. Blue Period OP no-sub version

CD (Regular edition) release

Price: 1,500 (tax not incl.)



M2. By My Side

M3. Crossword

M4. Hyoryu Kyoshitsu

About TV animation “Blue Period”

Yatora Yaguchi who is in his second year of high school has been enjoying his everyday life playing with his friends. He studies well and is good at dealing with things smoothly. Everyone wants to live the best possible life… and Yatora himself has been always feeling empty inside himself somehow. One day Yatora was totally captured by a painting in an art room. Yatora found that he was able to express his feelings honestly for the first time. He discovered the joy of art and he started to draw in his sketchbooks on impulse. And finally, Yatora decided on his college choice for art school. The competitive ratio for the art school is 200x. It’s only 650 days till the entrance exam!

  • Staff

Original work: Tsubasa Yamaguchi (published in monthly “AFTERNOON” KODANSHA)

Senior Director: Koji Masunari

Director: Katsuya Asano

Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida

Character Design: Tomoyuki Shitaya

Color Design: Ritsuko Utagawa

Art Design: Mamio Ogawa, Mika Nakajima

Art Director: Ken Nakamura, Yuuji Kaneko

Director of Photography: Yasushi Hattori

3DCG Director: Arimasa Omi

Special Effects: Naomasa Fukuda

Editing: Kazuhiko Seki

Music: Ippei Inoue

Music Producer: Kohei Sakai

Music Production: DMM music

Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta

Sound Effects: Kenji Koyama

Animation Production: Seven Arcs

  • Theme songs

Opening theme: Omoinotake “EVERBLUE”

Ending theme: mol-74 “Replica”

  • Cast

Yatora Yaguchi: Hiromu Mineta

Ryuji Ayukawa: Yumiri Hanamori

Yotasuke Takahashi: Daiki Yamashita

Haruka Hashida: Kengo Kawanishi

Maki Kuwana: Yume Miyamoto

Maru Mori: Mayu Aoyagi

Masako Saeki: Fumi Hirano

Sumida: Masaya Fukunishi

Koigakubo: Shinichiro Kamio

Utashima: Tatsumaru Tachibana

Umino: Miku Hiratsuka

Shirai: Ikumi Hasegawa

Shirota: Yuuna Nemoto

Yamamoto: Aoi Koga

Mayu Ooba: Yuuki Kazu

Sae Okada: Emiri Suyama

Takuro Ishii: Taishi Murata

Hanako Sakuraba: Saori Oonishi

  • Copyright details

©Tsubasa Yamaguchi, KODANSHA/Blue Period Production Committee

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Official Twitter: