Entrepreneur Deepak Pareek on building his first venture, hiring, interview tips, and more

NewswireOnline:- “Your first interview will not be good. Your first video will not be good. You might not win your first race”, said Content Creator & Entrepreneur Deepak Pareek at an event organised by Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, Delhi. The event began with the lighting of the lamp and then the Principal of the College delivered his welcome address. Deepak was then introduced by one of the members of the Commerce Association of the college.

Deepak Pareek, an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, TEDx Speaker, and Creative Film Producer hailing from Calcutta and now based in Mumbai, India, participated as the keynote speaker at the event and he shared his experience as an entrepreneur and building multiple ventures. “I started my first venture when I was 19 and that’s how I started my entrepreneurial journey”, said Deepak during his talk. One of the common questions that Deepak was asked was, “how to figure out and navigate your career when you’re lost?” to which he said, “you need to write down on a piece of paper what you want to achieve in life and then strike off the one with the least priority. You then need to try out ten different things and see what you’re good at and in my opinion, that’s the only way to know if you’re good at something”. Deepak, who pursued his schooling from Don Bosco School, Kolkata, graduation from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, and completed his Masters in Management & Entrepreneurship from the University of Southampton Business School, UK, continued speaking about how communication is one of the key skills to have irrespective of the profession you’re in. One of the students asked Deepak “how to improve your communication skills?” to which he said, “practice, practice, and practice. The only way to work on it is by actually participating in as many events as possible. You will be made fun of but that should not stop you from speaking”. 

The keynote session ended on a good note and Deepak Pareek was felicitated by the faculty members of Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, Delhi. Deepak also had an informal chat with the students of the college after his keynote speech.