Education Vibes: An Exploration of MBBS Abroad Admission 2024-25: Eligibility, Colleges, Fees, and Admission Opportunities

New Delhi [India]: When it comes to studying medical science, a large number of MBBS aspirants like to study in India.

Even though many students face challenges to get admission to government medical schools in the country. Also, a large section of medical aspirants are unaware of studying MBBS Abroad, for example, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Egypt, and the Philippines, are some of the most sought-after destinations for studying medicine.

Presumably, the number of MBBS aspirants appearing for NEET is growing by leaps and bounds; approximately 13 Lakh students appeared for NEET last year. In accordance with the NMC (National Medical Council), presently 554 medical colleges are there in the country, and over 83 thousand students can take admission to the MBBS program offered by these medical schools. Unfortunately, a large section of medical aspirants are not able to secure medical seats.

Nevertheless, foreign medical schools, like MBBS in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Egypt, Philippines, etc. offer direct admissions with basic eligibility and low admission requirements. Students can move to these countries to study medicine. They can study in top-ranked government or private medical universities abroad sans any entrance exams. Yes, NEET is mandatory, but a high NEET score is not required.

In addition to that, there are a large number of international medical schools, for instance, in Russia, like Bashkir State Medical University, Samara, Orel, Kabardino Balkarian or Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State Medical University hold a better ranking compared to many private medical schools in India. These medical schools are popular for providing MBBS in Abroad for Indian students at low cost.

In Russia, Georgia, or Kazakhstan there are more government-funded colleges than in India, where MBBS seats are easily available, and admissions are hassle-free. But in India, students face tough competition to secure admission in government medical schools, and private medical schools charge exorbitantly high tuition fees that most middle-class families can’t afford for their children.

Furthermore, tuition fees for MBBS in Georgia, Russia, the Philippines, Egypt and Kazakhstan are affordable and the infrastructures are world-class. Unlike India, the “mentioned” countries invest a huge amount of money in medical education. These countries spend more on education, training, research, and development, which is why MBBS fees are affordable there.

NMC and WHO-approved medical schools Abroad offer MBBS degrees that are valid in India and in many other countries, for that reason, MBBS graduates from foreign medical schools can work anywhere in the world. The program duration is between 5 – 6 years including clinical internship. In such cases, medical aspirants from India choose to study medicine abroad, because they offer a variety of medical colleges to study with a great atmosphere.

According to Pranay Mishra, the Director and CEO of Education Vibes, a leading study abroad consultancy, explained that better medical education, cost, and international exposure are the three most important things for which medical aspirants from India are choosing foreign medical schools these days.

He also added – the cost of studying MBBS in a foreign medical college including the VISA fees and hostel charges in countries like Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, or Egypt is comparatively less than the fees charged by most private medical colleges in India.

Mishra has also added that Education Vibes is one of the most trusted MBBS Abroad consultants in India that has a strong connection with many renowned coaching centres in the country where students provided online guidance on FMGE/NeXT exam who are studying medicine abroad.

Education Vibes has 10-plus years of experience in this domain. It has helped almost 1k students to study MBBS in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Egypt, Philippines, Armenia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Mishra has concluded with a vital point, saying that students need to evaluate the options for studying MBBS in foreign medical schools. They should think about their career goals, budget, target country, etc. before they apply, and for that matter, a veteran MBBS Abroad consultant could be their guide. They can not only guide students to choose the best country and medical college but also help them from admission to departure.

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