Education Veteran Sudha Gupta Advocates for building life skills in students

Renowned educationist Sudha Gupta, with nearly three decades of experience in the field, has advocated for a paradigm shift in how we approach education. In a recent interview, Ms Sudha Gupta reflected on her extensive journey, highlighting the need for a more comprehensive approach to nurturing young minds.

Her observations over the years have brought to light a crucial aspect of student development. While many excel academically, there remains a gap when it comes to navigating real-life challenges. Ms Sudha Gupta emphasized the importance of equipping students with essential life skills beyond textbook knowledge.

“Often, we witness bright students falter when faced with life’s uncertainties,” Ms. Sudha Gupta remarked. “It’s imperative that we empower them with decision-making abilities, confidence, and effective communication skills to thrive in the real world.” With this vision in mind, she unveiled an innovative initiative titled “THE GURU’S HERE FOR LIFE” at the Presidium. This project aims to revolutionize the educational landscape by integrating life skills development into the curriculum and igniting the inner Guru through self-awareness and self-discovery.

Central to this initiative are the appointed psychologists, life coaches, and experts dedicated to crafting a specialized curriculum focused on holistic life skill-building. Through a series of interactive activities, workshops, and seminars, students will have the opportunity to hone their life skills like never before.

However, Gupta emphasised that the responsibility doesn’t solely lie with students. She urged educators and parents to participate in this transformative journey actively. “It’s a collective effort,” she stressed. “Together, we can empower our children to lead fulfilling and successful lives.”

As Chairperson, of Presidium and Mother’s Pride she continues her mission to redefine education, her message resonates deeply with stakeholders, signalling a promising shift towards a more holistic approach to education.