Education Planner partners with LaSalle College, other top institutes in Vancouver

New Delhi [India]: Pursuing higher education in a foreign country can be a daunting journey, filled with cultural adjustments, and language barriers. Recognizing the need for support in this life-changing endeavor, Ludhiana, Punjab-based, Education Planner has formed a partnership with LaSalle College, and other prestigious educational institutions in Vancouver, to help students fulfill their dreams of studying in Canada.

Education Planner is a leading digital platform for institute applications in India. It helps students pursue higher studies abroad by connecting them with educational institutions worldwide. With a mission to make global education accessible to all, Education Planner empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their education and future careers.

Why Choose Education Planner?

There are several reasons for a student to choose Education Planner while looking for an organization that would help them realize their dreams of studying abroad. These reasons include the following:

* Leading Digital Platform: Education Planner is among the foremost digital platforms for institute applications in India.

* Global Reach: Education Plannerfosters global connections by connecting international students and recruitment partners with educational institutions across the world. Students can explore international opportunities and recruitment partners can identify suitable individuals for colleges worldwide through smooth interactions.

* Streamlined Process: Education Planner streamlines the application process. It helps students significantly save their invaluable time instead of spending hours or even days on in-depth research and analysis.

* Program Search: Education Planner’s easy-to-use search bar enables students to find institutes offering a wide range of programs. Simplifying the process, it helps students quickly choose educational options that meet their needs.

Empowering Students through Partnership with LaSalle College, Vancouver

Due to the presence of some world-class universities and colleges, students often face a dilemma to make the right college choice for them when they think about pursuing higher studies abroad. This leads to a lot of confusion, and the students eventually succumb to stress and anxiety over their higher education and career.

Education Planner has over 11 years of experience in international education. The platform connects students and recruitment partners with institutes across the world. This makes the application process streamlined and helps students save significant time and effort. Due to this students can navigate the complex world of higher education with ease and make informed decisions about their careers.

It is also noteworthy that Education Planner has made its mission to democratize global education, enable students to discover their true potential and fulfil their dreams of studying abroad. To achieve this vision, Education Planner continuously secures partnerships with educational institutions across the world. Education Planner’s goal behind these partnerships is to simplify the application process and ensure that students have access to world-class education.

Among Education Planner’s esteemed partners, LaSalle College, Vancouver, stands out as a boutique design school offering applied arts programs that prepare graduates for lifelong, rewarding careers. With a commitment to excellence in education, LaSalle College provides students with the skills and experience they need to succeed in the competitive world of design and creative arts.

Here’s why students are drawn to LaSalle College, Vancouver:

  • Quick and Affordable Associate of Arts Degree: LaSalle College offers the quickest and most affordable Associate of Arts degree program in Vancouver.
  • Real-World Experience: LaSalle College’s innovative classroom-to-lab or studio split of 50/50 and cross-program collaboration are two of the ways the college guarantees its students are prepared for success in the real world after they graduate.
  • Excellence in Game Design: For the past ten years running, the Game Design programs offered by LaSalle College have been continuously ranked as the top institution in all of Canada.
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design: This school is one of only three in all of Canada that is accredited to provide students with the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Design degree in Fashion Design.
  • Advantage in the Job Market: Because LaSalle College emphasizes hands-on learning, its alumni have an advantage in the job market when applying for positions with prestigious companies.
  • Opportunities on a Global Scale: As a result of LaSalle College’s membership in an international education network, the institution’s alumni are in great demand by industry-leading companies all over the world.
  • Award-Winning Instructors: LaSalle College Vancouver is the place where creative goals can become a reality due to the college’s small class sizes and award-winning instructors.

Education Planner’s Other Official Direct Partner Institutions in Vancouver

Education Planner’s commitment to providing students with exceptional educational opportunities extends beyond LaSalle College, Vancouver. The platform has established official partnerships with several prestigious institutions in Vancouver, offering students a diverse range of options:

  • Capilano University
  • University Canada West
  • Acsenda School of Management
  • City University
  • Adler University
  • New York Institute of Technology

Education Planner is committed to helping students realize their dreams of studying abroad and achieve their career goals. The organization is fulfilling its lofty mission of making global education more accessible to everyone, by partnering with LaSalle College, and the other institutions in Vancouver.

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