Earthhium makes guilt-free luxury skin care accessible to all

(NewswireOnline):- The newly launched sustainable skincare brand is all things good –  vegan and cruelty-free.

Earthhium  the new kid on the block –  is committed to producing the purest, healthiest, and environment-conscious products. They strive to introduce, encourage and empower you to take the best care of yourself and the people you love, by using natural, non-toxic ingredients whilst being entirely sustainable.

In today’s world of misinformation, it is easy to get swayed by the high-sounding jargon written at the back of skincare labels. One doesn’t realise that some manufacturers rarely fully disclose the contents of their products. Unfortunately, these ‘beauty products’ are brimming with harmful chemicals and synthetics that do more harm than good. This calls for an alternative that can replace these chemically loaded products and yet give you that supple and sustainable glow!

That is why Earthhium is your go-to. Completely natural and handmade, these products are a refreshing boon to liven up your skin and have long-lasting replenishing effects on it. Their products contain only natural ingredients. The raw materials used are plant-based and cruelty-free. They do wonders for detoxifying your body and nourishing your skin while also protecting the environment.

“With the current state of our planet, being mindful about the impact of our products – right from the ingredients to the packaging – was imperative to us”, says animal conservationist Pooja Advani, who is also the founder of this brand and her origin story doesn’t disappoint. A certified groomer, K9 behaviourist, interspecies communicator, Bach therapist for animals, a trainer and hydrotherapist for small animals, Pooja’s larger goal has been to rehabilitate animals from human slavery. She is a proud rescuer of 5 elephants from different parts of the world.

She started Earthhium with a vision to create her own line of non-toxic and handmade luxury soaps. That is how the environment-friendly brand was born. The founder decided to replace plastic packaging with reusable materials hence making the brand sustainable in all its glory.

cold processed soaps

They create a select range of personal care products like body butters, scrubs, cleansing balms, cold processed soaps, face gels, face masks, oils, moisturisers, shaving creams, and their signature whipped cream soaps.

When it comes to skincare, with Earthhium, there is no place for guilt. Giving you pure, healthy, and reusable packaging, Earthhium is vegan and cruelty-free. The brand is known to have a skincare product range for all skin types. From herbal masks for sensitive skin to intense hydration moisturizers for extremely dry skin, Earthhium has got you covered.

Earthhium’s  mission

The brand constantly strives hard to minimize its impact on the environment and empowers its consumers to enjoy its benefits worry-free. Earthhium is not just a brand but an initiative to encourage people to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on luxury.

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