The First Little Step to DPDPA 2023 compliance

Digital personal data protection act (DPDPA 2023) was gazette notified on 11th August 2023. While the detailed rules are awaited, the provisions of the Act are considered necessary “Due Diligence” under Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000) and are required to be complied with as of today.

As per DPDPA 2023 any organization which processes personal data of individuals and determines the purpose and means of processing is considered a “Data Fiduciary” and is required to be compliant.

While identifying the complete compliance requirement of an organization requires a risk assessment and implementation of different policies, FDPPI urges all organizations to take the first little step towards compliance by fortifying their website with DPDPA 2023 compliance.

For most of us, the journey to the Digital World commenced with the opening of the corporate website and therefore the journey to DPDPA 2023 should commence with our corporate website.

FDPPI therefore urges all website owners to make their websites compliant for DPDPA 2023 with the use of DGPSI framework.

On the occasion of the International Privacy Day 2023, our patron member Ujvala Consultants Private Limited has announced that it would provide a free DPDPA 2023 Compliance Check (For personal information collected and processed  in the activity of visiting of the website) using the DGPSI framework.

On successful evaluation, gap advise and gap bridging, a certificate of compliance and a badge would be issued in the following format.

Requests if any may be registered at