MedicoExperts makes doctor consultation easy through telemedicine services

23 March 2020(NewswireOnline):- MedicoExperts makes telemedicine and video consultation available to all patients in India and across the globe to help diagnose their conditions and symptoms effectively without physical contact and fear of infection. Patients who have flu-like symptoms and suspect that they may have COVID-19, can consult with expert certified doctors to diagnose their symptoms appropriately. MedicoExperts’ offered telemedicine and video consultation can be availed from any smart phone or computer with internet connectivity.

Why Telemedicine?

“MedicoExperts, through its online video conferencing portal has been offering video consultation for patients across the globe to have easy and real-time consultation with the top certified doctors in India to address their questions, analyse their symptoms and receive appropriate treatment options. However, in the current scenario, with the increasing need of virtual health services, this is an exceptional tool. Individuals residing in India or anywhere in the world, can analyse their symptoms without any physical contact or without stepping out from their home. We have empanelled with us the best doctors in India who will not only diagnose the patient but will also convey necessary information regarding self-hygiene and ways to prevent the spread,” states Ms Varsha Sharma, Director of Digital Marketing, MedicoExperts.

While coronavirus test remains the final confirmation method, however, under the guidance of the doctors and their diagnose, the patients can be made aware if they need to get the test done or not. This will ensure proper and appropriate use of the available medical resources.

Telemedicine is a great tool of convenience especially in the current scenario where the spread of coronavirus is causing wide-spread panic. With the absence of physical contact, the apprehension of contacting coronavirus if the individual does not have yet, is also effortlessly handled. Telemedicine also helps minimize the potential spread of the virus from asymptomatic patients to others. Telemedicine also enables the doctor to administer diagnosis without coming in contact with the patients, thus eliminating the fear of developing the disease themselves.

As this is a digital tool, it can be availed by people residing anywhere in the world, thus disregarding unnecessary panic that can arise without diagnosis. “With easy accessibility to a mobile phone or computer, availing basic telemedicine services is readily becoming convenient. Telemedicine is highly beneficial to patients residing distant location who find it difficult to visit the doctor or who do not have access to appropriate doctor. With administration of treatment for coronavirus being in the forefront, patients with diabetes, and other conditions can receive consultation at their own home without putting their lives at risk,” states Mr Tausif Shaikh, Patient Care Executive, MedicoExperts.

How to avail telemedicine?

Through MedicoExperts’ video consultation portal, patient can seek secure and confidential video conferring with the doctor who will diagnose the patient in real-time and suggest appropriate treatment approaches. The service offered is safe and secure, bearing in mind the patient-doctor confidentiality protocol.

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In three simple steps you can easily book your online consultation with the best doctors in India

  1. Select the speciality/condition you are seeking consultation for
  2. Choose the best doctor from the list of esteemed doctors empanelled with MedicoExperts
  3. Book your appointment and start online consultation
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