Discover the User-Friendly Setup and Cost Savings of HP Smart Tank 580 Ink Tank Printer: A Comprehensive Review

“The setup process for ink tank printers is simple and user-friendly. Fill the ink tanks with the provided ink bottles and insert the print heads in their designated spots. The ink bottles are designed to prevent spills and are easy to use. However, it is important to note that children should not handle the ink for safety reasons.

Ink tank printers offer significant cost savings compared to regular inkjet printers. Instead of buying expensive cartridges, you can use affordable ink bottles to refill the tanks. This eliminates the need for frequent cartridge purchases and prevents ink from drying up when not in use.

The HP Smart Tank 580 printer comes with two black ink bottles and one each of yellow, cyan, and magenta. With this package, you can print up to 12,000 black and white pages and up to 6,000 color printouts.

Black and white prints are speedy, averaging around 10-12 pages per minute. However, colored prints may take longer. While automatic double-sided printing is not available, it is not a significant drawback. The print quality is satisfactory as long as the documents being printed are of decent quality.

The Smart Tank 580 is an all-in-one printer that excels in printing, copying, and scanning tasks. It offers wireless functionality, allowing convenient setup and usage through the HP Smart app on your smartphone. The printer is sleek, compact, and durable, featuring a small display for monitoring print status and buttons for configuring Wi-Fi and other settings. Its matte finish adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it includes a scanner for document scanning and copying.

The front of the printer showcases transparent ink bottle cases for easy ink level monitoring and a print tray. The top of the printer serves as the paper feed, capable of handling up to 100 papers at once, with a printing capacity of 30 pages per session. The printer can be connected wirelessly or through the provided USB cable.

To set up the printer, open the front and locate the four openings for ink and two openings for toners.” Click on this link to buy:

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