Make your business available at clicks with the power of digital marketing

Kolkata – The internet and the rise of smartphones have dramatically changed consumer behaviour and revolutionised the path to purchase. Today’s buyers go online first to conduct research before ever setting foot in a store. A staggering 80% of consumers now perform online research before making transactional decisions. This new reality presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses looking to connect with potential customers. The key is to harness the power of digital marketing to make your business discoverable, accessible, and compelling to online buyers.

As a leader in results-driven digital marketing solutions, Digital Googly enables companies to thrive in the digital marketplace. Our data-led approach helps brands understand their customers’ journey and be present during each stage of the buying process. We develop integrated strategies encompassing SEO, paid search, social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, and more to attract qualified traffic and drive conversions.

‘In our brave new world, clicks triumph over speech.’ said Mr Kuntal Chatterjee, CEO at Digital Googly. ‘Buyers now expect brands to provide 24/7 accessibility on the channels and platforms they use most. Our mission is to help companies adapt to this digital-first reality so they can capture more sales opportunities online.’

With Digital Googly as your digital marketing partner, you can:

  • Increase organic visibility and website traffic through ongoing search engine optimisation. Our SEO strategies help you rank higher in search results for your most valuable keywords.
  • Get your business found online by more potential buyers with paid search marketing. We manage pay-per-click campaigns across search engines and display networks to promote your brand to targeted audiences.
  • Build brand awareness, engagement, and conversions through social media. Our social media experts leverage the top social platforms to attract followers, spark meaningful conversations, and motivate purchases.
  • Produce compelling digital content across formats to educate, entertain, and convert site visitors. We develop blogs, videos, eBooks, and other content assets designed to move prospects through the sales funnel.
  • Retain customers and drive repeat sales through email marketing. Our campaigns keep your brand at the top of your mind while offering exclusive offers, product updates, and helpful content matched to subscribers’ interests.
  • Analytics and Reporting to extract actionable insights that refine strategies and demonstrate ROI

Moreover, as customers’ demands go, businesses must meet consumers on their terms across devices and platforms. With data-led strategies, best-in-class tools, and deep digital expertise, Digital Googly empowers brands to effectively reach, engage, and convert online audiences. Let us analyse your current digital presence, create a customised strategy, and execute marketing designed to drive more traffic, leads, and sales from digital channels.

Make your business available at the clicks that count with Digital Googly. Call (033) 4603 3770 or visit to learn more about amplifying your digital marketing success.

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Win the clicks with our digital marketing strategy, Says Digital Googly CEO