Atom O’Sphere, a young start-up in the technological landscape is here to convert your everyday ideas into value driven technology

(NewswireOnline):- Promising to re-define modern-day technology by transforming powerful ideas into solutions, Atom O’Sphere will create value-centric technological innovations. It will provide high-quality products and services, by engaging, through a careful selection, in only those projects that fill an existing market gap.

By creating digital innovations that find the right place in contemporary society, this IT-driven company aims to simplify technology for everyday use. Their USP therefore, is to create innovations that are rooted in digital and societal value.

Steering away from what’s traditional in the technological domain, Atom O’Sphere’s USP is to create designs and operate within a digital landscape that adds value to not only the field of technology but also in the lives of people and consequently, within society, focussing on user experience.

A glimpse into how the company executes its motto is mirrored by its recent successful venture, something that also serves an insight into its futuristic potential and far-reaching scope. Having partnered with SBI and FSS, Atom O’Sphere, on behalf of the Indian Navy on October 1st, 2021, has launched the all-new NAV-e CASH card. This is India’s first secure offline payment method and one that is carefully designed to enable successful transactions with a focus on areas that suffer limited connectivity. Ensuring secure online and offline transactions in the remotest of locations, this digital payment system comes as a boon to thousands offshore.

“Our expertise includes digital development, creating innovation products, and partnering with other businesses to come up with principle-led solutions. It is our passion for technology that unites us and one that pushes us to deliver,” said Abhijeet Daigavane.

Atom O’Sphere’s Founder & CEO in a statement to Nagpur’s Lokmat and The Hitavada in a recent interview. Atom O’Sphere’s CTO Ravindra Yadav, stated this with a passion: “We ideate and innovate to fill gaps in the existing social and technological structure, and we as a team, are confident in leaving our creative imprints in the modern digital world as we grow.”

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