Dehradun Defence Academy: Pioneering the Best NDA Coaching in India

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [India]: In the field of Defence exams, Dehradun Defence Academy has quietly risen to prominence by providing the best NDA coaching in India.

The institute has become a well-known name among those aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces as officers.

Located on Subhash Road near key landmarks like the Secretariat and police headquarters, the academy benefits from a secure and accessible location. Dehradun’s year-round pleasant weather further adds to its suitability as a hub for competitive exam preparations.

Students from various parts of India are increasingly choosing Dehradun Defence Academy, attracted by its nurturing environment and consistent academic achievements. In the past 2 Years, DDA has produced a record 415+ selections. It makes them one of the best NDA coaching academy in India. Check our YouTube video ( ) here.

The faculty, known for their approachability and expertise, are committed to addressing each student’s needs, offering personalized guidance beyond regular class hours. This includes experts in various subjects and experienced SSB Mentors (Ex-GTOs – who have served on SSB boards).

Diverse Coaching Programmes at Dehradun Defence Academy:

Students at the academy can choose from several tailored coaching programmes, each designed to meet their specific needs and stages in their educational journey:

1. NDA Foundation Course

Ideal for students in 11th class, this programme allows them to prepare for the NDA exam while continuing their schooling. It saves them from losing two crucial attempts – one in September of their 12th class and another in April post their 12th. This strategic approach gives them 4 to 5 chances compared to the usual 1 or 2, providing ample time for comprehensive preparation for both the written exam and SSB.

Students enrolled in NDA Foundation course are provided with a tablet and access to e-learning platform for free, worth 30,000 rupees.

After huge success in NDA Foundation Coaching After 10th, DDA have launched the same NDA Foundation course for students studying in 9th and 10th Class.

2. NDA Coaching After 12th

NDA Coaching After 12th Designed for students who start preparing post their board exams, this 6-month intensive course focuses on the NDA exam. The academy provides concise study material, SSB coaching, and physical training, ensuring a holistic preparation environment.


For graduates aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces, this programme covers various entries with a common syllabus. The course is structured to cater to candidates with varying levels of subject knowledge, including elements like Vedic maths to enhance calculation skills.

NDA, CDS, AFCAT and OTA Exam preparation courses are available in online and offline modes.

Meanwhile, students in the NDA After 12th, CDS, and AFCAT courses get free access to e-learning platform, which includes subject-wise recorded lectures, daily practice papers, mock test series, and customised handwritten e-books.

This e-learning platform comes with online performance tracking, which plays an important role in cracking the written exam. For me details on online coaching classes you can visit their site.

DDA has a specially designed SSB ground under the guidance of SSB instructors, where students are trained for the SSB round. The training is conducted by officers who have previously served as GTOs in the SSB board.

At DDA, we train students for physical endurance under the guidance of ACE-certified trainers. There are special classes available for yoga, meditation, personality development, English speaking, short tricks, and psychology tests, which are crucial for NDA Exam preparation.

DDA also offer best-in-class hostel and mess facilities for students, making their journey even more excellent.

Dehradun Defence Academy organises annual cultural and sports programs. For online students, DDA has introduced a campus immersion experience where online students get to come to Dehradun for events and meet with teachers and batch-mates of offline batches.

Looking ahead, Dehradun Defence Academy plans to expand its reach by establishing branches in Delhi and the North-eastern and Southern regions of India.

“We feel the need to reach the Northeast and as it is apparent that a lot of students from the North-East want to appear in these exams but they face a lot of problems. So if they cannot reach us, we will try to reach them,” Dehradun Defence Academy’s Director said.

In addition to academic pursuits, the academy is engaged in community service, organising blood donation camps, city clean-up drives, and offering free education to selected students from Uttarakhand’s hill areas.*

“Dear students, preparation demands devotion and regularity. If you dare to devote yourself to it then it will grant you anything that you will demand in return. It’s a fair game, the actual test is not on the day of the exam but the actual test lies in preparation. Every moment of your preparation is a test. If you take care of your everyday preparation then the exam becomes only a formality,” said the Director.

As Dehradun Defence Academy continues to grow, it remains committed to its motto, “Delivering services with pride,” assuring that with a year of dedicated effort under its guidance, success in defence exams is not just a possibility but a reachable goal.