We’ve Found Darshan Raval’s Doppelganger, Mukesh Officials

(NewswireOnline):- While we have seen several pictures of Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput and a few other celebrities’ lookalikes, here is Darshan Raval’s look-alike.

Darshan Rawal’s doppelganger, Mukesh Officials appeared on his Instagram. One day a darshaner saw Mukesh Officials on Instagram Live. She could not believe on her eyes because He looked like same Darshan Raval.


Actually his name is Mukesh Suthar better known by his stage name Mukesh Officials. Mukesh Officials is an Indian singer – songwriter from Rajasthan. Mukesh was born on 16 February 1998 in Samdari Village. After completing 10+ songs, He rose to fame in 2017 with his first worldwide song “Kyun Pardesha”. Kyun Pardesha is the first local language song which released by Mexican Music Label. Mukesh’s other hits are Umeed Hai, Mere Liye Ki Hai and Latest “Socho Socho”. Mukesh is a big fan of Darshan Raval. He is active on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Mukesh’s face is slightly similar to Darshan Raval, on this basis, People quickly took to internet and labeled Mukesh Officials as the carbon copy of Darshan Raval and set a title “Brother of Darshan Raval”.

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