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LaYuva is an innovative virtual marketplace with a purpose to empower e-commerce entrepreneurs, startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, and e-shoppers.

17th July 2018: With a mission of providing the millennial population with a virtual platform where they can embark on their business conveniently, LaYuva has integrated the online social networking with offline retail markets to improve the online shopping experience for the customers. Hence, anyone can reap the benefits of “Buy to Save, Share to Earn” philosophy.

Through LaYuva’s exclusive business concept, anyone can set up his virtual shop and start building a brand with the complete selling and promotional support from the team LaYuva. Also, people who want to raise their income through part-time work have also numerous options to capitalize on their latent business on this disruptive business platform.

Besides, on LaYuva, people earn more rewards through sharing and recommendations of products on various platforms. On every successful referral, one can earn money in his wallet. When one purchases goods on LaYuva, he/she saves a good sum of money as the products on LaYuva are sold at the best price in the market. When one shares products with friends and family on social media, one earns the rewards. In each case, the beneficiary is the LaYuva user.

Also, LaYuva is a hassle-free shopping platform for customers to purchase a wide range of products of their choice at competitive rates.

While throwing light on the business model, Mr. Rahul Bahukhandi – Co-founder of LaYuva said, “Unlike traditional market where one must have inventory, a huge budget, and a lot of resources beforehand to begin a shop, LaYuva makes it a three-step process for the aspiring entrepreneurs. One can easily create an account on LaYuva as a seller, pick the preferred product category, and set up his shop. He needs not worry about stock control, supply chain management, and customer care services etc.”

Media Contact:
Vipin Negi


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