Content Creator Deepak Pareek addresses the youth of Kolkata at AIESEC’s Youth Speak Forum

NewswireOnline:- “There are various lies that we’re fed from the very beginning and society tells us to follow a set pattern. The question to ask here is ‘why?’” said Content Creator & Entrepreneur Deepak Pareek at AIESEC Youth Speak Forum in Kolkata at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata.

Deepak Pareek spoke to the youth of the city of joy, Calcutta, about how one needs to maintain a fine balance between what they want to do pursue and what their parents want them to do. The only way to do that is doing a side hustle and college seems to be the best time to do so because of two reasons – one, you have time to try different things and two, even if you fail, you can restart and still be young. “How did you know what you’re good at?” asked Deepak to which some of the audience members said, “I tried multiple things and that’s how I got to know”, “I figured things out from YouTube and learned from there”.

He then went on to share his personal journey of how he started his career as a CA aspirant and then how things changed from there on. He started his first business venture called Career Keeda when he was in college and then started creating content after passing out. His content is majorly centred around personal growth, productivity hacks, marketing stories, marketing psychology, and more. He also shared his story of how he started his public speaking journey and the first time he spoke on stage was when he was in school. Deepak believes that nothing would have happened if he hadn’t started early on in school and that has shaped him as an individual. He continued interacting with the youth of Kolkata and addressed their issues in the QnA segment. The other speakers were Mr. Jimmy Tangree (Head, 91.9 Friends FM), Mr. Sumit Agarwal (LinkedIn expert), and Mr. Nirit Datta (Environmentalist and Climate Change Activist).

The keynote session ended on a good note and Deepak Pareek was felicitated by the core committee members of AIESEC in Kolkata. Deepak also had an informal chat with the audience members after his speech and interacted with them on various relevant topics/issues including personal branding, social media etc.

Deepak Pareek is an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, TEDx Speaker and a Creative Film Producer hailing from Kolkata and now based in Mumbai, India. He pursued his schooling from Don Bosco School, Kolkata, graduation from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and completed his Masters in Management & Entrepreneurship from University of Southampton Business School, UK.