Dr. Vaibhav Shah offers free hair transplant in Mumbai to 8-year-old girl burn victim

Dr. Vaibhav Shah
Vaibhav Shah

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Charity act by Dr Vaibhav Shah Hair transplant in Mumbai

Dr. Vaibhav Shah, a leading Hair transplant doctor in Mumbai has recently provided free hair transplant to an 8-year-old girl.

Sapna (name changed) is a resident of  Palghar. At the age of 8 years, she got burnt due to hot oil at home.

Sapna observed no eyebrow & less eyebrow hair on her left side of eyebrow. Left eyebrow was affected due to the burning incident. “I was feeling really awkward & difficult to go social functions due to no eyebrow hair.I also used to bully by others school friends.” says Sapna

Loosing Hair can be a big social stigma. She started avoiding social gathering & lost her confidence. Sapna’s parents were also stressed. They consulted many skin specialists in Mumbai & also cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for treatment.

However, due to their low socio -economic background,Sapna’s parents were not able to pursue her treatment for har restoration.

Dr Vaibhav Shah,a well-known name for hair transplant in Mumbai, decided to avail free hair transplant & restore the eyebrow of Sapna. Sapna was able to achieve hair and eyebrow restoration, thanks to Dr. Shah.The Free eyebrow transplant was carried out at Dr Vaibhav Shah Clinic.

After 2 to 3 months, Sapna got her full eyebrows back.“My confidence & self-esteem are back, thanks to Dr. Shah.I am really thankful to Dr. Vaibhav Shah for bringing happiness back to my life.”

Dr. Vaibhav Shah is on of the most trusted names in hair transplant industry for over a decade now. By providing more than thousands of successful cases of hair transplant in Mumbai,Dr. Vaibhav Shah and his team have earned the tag of best hair transplant in Mumbai.

Dr.Vaibhav Shah Hair transplant clinic is committed to helping mankind & charity. Dr Vaibhav Shah Hair transplant in Mumbai offers free Hair transplant to all burn victims.

Dr.Vaibhav Shah clinic is located at the heart of Mumbai city & biggest Railway junction Borivali. Dr. Vaibhav Shah clinic is merely 500 meters.

(https://g.page/Cosmetic–Surgeon–Mumbai)Away from the Borivali railway station and with all the necessary facilities for the best hair transplantation.

257 hair grafts have been transplanted from the scalp to the eyebrow. For the most natural appearance of the eyebrows, Dr. Vaibhav Shah’s hair transplant in Mumbai implants only single follicle grafts.

Great care is taken by Dr Vaibhav Shah in depth, angle, density, design of hair graft implantation. “I have been providing free Hair transplant to all burn & acid victims for more than 10 years now.” Says Dr. Vaibhav Shah.

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