The Highbrooks Cafe: A Cafe and Roaster Revolutionizing The International Coffee Industry With Their One Of Kind App

NewswireOnline:- Ever since it opened its first store in Jabalpur in the year 2018, The Highbrooks Cafe became a brand synonymous with high-quality coffee. Apart from offering coffee to its patrons, the cafe and roaster provide them with a wide variety of iced drinks and food items. Now, the founders of The Highbrooks Cafe have taken a giant leap towards bringing a revolution in the coffee industry by launching an application called the THC app.

Talking about this app, The Highbrooks Cafe co-founder Sanket Sharma says, “This app is based on the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It offers the kind of features that one wouldn’t have come across in any food and beverage app. Its optimum extraction program will enable cafe owners across the world to optimize all the poorly extracted coffee in a way that it takes the form of a well-brewed beverage. A large number of individuals who run cafes have tested the app and have benefited hugely from it. The positive feedback that we have received so far encourages us to work towards developing it further.”

This revolutionary app is being used by cafeterias which procure premium-quality roasted coffee from The Highbrooks Roastery. Shortly after its launch, the app was lapped up by several cafe owners instantly. The kind of goodwill The Highbrooks Cafe has earned through its high-quality products in the last couple of years made both restaurateurs and chefs try out this app without any hesitation. The kind of results they received would definitely lead them to keep using it in the future.

Elaborating further on the purpose of creating this app, co-founder Vipul Abhishek states, “We firmly believe that this app will play an important role in changing the dynamics of the coffee industry for the better in the near future. The objective behind developing this app was to minimize the consultation cost charged by the Q grader. We have attempted to do this by introducing a subscription plan at a nominal cost. The app comes with simple features and offers easy functionality. Even those who are not too familiar with new-age technology will be able to use it conveniently.”

Though the app has been launched just recently, it has already been accepted and is used by a large number of cafe owners. It is an app that has been developed in India and has the potential to make a huge impression on the coffee industry which is valued at 460 billion dollars globally. With the way it has been designed, The Highbrooks Cafe founders Sanket Sharma and Vipul Abhishek are very confident about the fact that it will go places.

THC App uses artificial intelligence to measure the extraction time or brew time of an espresso. If your customers have ever complained about the quality of the coffee offered by you being inconsistent, then the problem lies in espresso extraction. The app has been designed to offer AI-based solutions to cafe owners to ensure there is a certain degree of consistency in the espresso extraction process.

At the moment, The Highbrooks Cafe has as many as five physical stores in India, all of which are running very successfully. Some of its biggest competitors are Third Wave Coffee and Blue Tokai. The Highbrooks Cafe venture is a part of Littlegiants Hospitality Pvt ltd. which is on the verge of executing a major expansion plan.